The conference organizers announced: “International perspectives on progressive notions of mental health recovery, family supports, community membership, ending forced impoverishment and system change requirements will be part of the focus of the conference. The meetings will feature leaders from across disability and aging and relate the efforts being made across the world to make freedom a reality for individuals with disabilities.” The event will be in Detroit, Michigan, USA starting 27 May 2008.

  • Meeting
When May 27, 2008 06:50 PM to
May 29, 2008 06:50 PM
Where Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Contact Name
Contact Phone (734) 751-1682
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[This is a forwarded announcement excerpted from information from conference organizers and sponsors, forwarding is not necessarily endorsement, MFI is not planning this event, for more information contact the sponsors using data provided here.]

What is the mission of this conference? 
Toprovide a place where people who come from all walks of life and areinvolved with many different disability systems around the world canjoin together to speak with one voice and one message:

Freedom is the right of all people
regardless of one’s disability or
need for support.

The time has come to find answers
to move forward toward
Self-Determination for All.

This conference is dedicated to laying afoundation across disability and aging for moving publicly fundedsystems of support/care from the paternalism of the past to trueequality in the future.

Preliminary List of Conference Contributors, Speakers and Moderators 

  • Wayne County Community Mental Health, MI, USA
  • Jim Dehem, Community Living Services, USA
  • Michigan Partners for Freedom
  • People First
  • Bob Kafka, ADAPT
  • Tom Nerney, Center for Self-Determination
  • Diane Richler, Inclusion International
  • Adolf Ratzka, Institute on Independent Living-Sweden
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA),
  • U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
  • Brian Salisbury, Community Living British Columbia
  • Doug Woollard, Community Living British Columbia
  • Steve Dowson, Natl. Development Team, UK
  • Dan Fisher, National Empowerment Center, Massachusetts, USA
  • Dennis Harkins, A Simpler Way, Madison, WI
  • Mike Oxford, Topeka, Kansas Independent Living Center
  • Pat Carver, Community Drive
  • Dohn Hoyle, Arc of Michigan
  • Jack Hillyard, Employment Policy Group, Univ. of Iowa
  • Jeff Keilson, Massachusetts Coalition
  • Ricky Broussard, Get a Life Consulting, Houston, TX
  • Mike Clark, Russ Rankin, California Self-Determination Projects
  • Pattamaporn Busapathumrong –  Asian University, Thailand
  • Doreen Rosimos, Income Links, USA
  • Elias S. Cohen, Director Community Services Systems, PA
  • Jan Lampman, Arc of Midland Michigan
  • Barb Leroy, PhD, The Developmental Disabilities Institute,
  • Wayne State University, Detroit
  • Kathy Martinez, World Institute on Disability
  • Jim Conroy, Center for Outcome Analysis
  • Colleen Wieck, MNCDD
  • Michael J. Head, Michigan Department of Community Health
  • Marsha Katz, Rural Institute, Montana
  • Bob Liston, ADAPT, Montana Fair Housing
  • Angela Martin, Wayne State,
  • Developmental Disabilities Institute, Michigan
  • Deirdre Silverman, Director of Community Programs/
    Venture Fund Manager, Alternatives
  • Federal Credit Union, Ithaca, NY
  • Margaret Lombe,  Boston College Graduate School of Social Work; Center for Social Development at Washington University
  • Bob Laux, Broker/Owner, Wild River Realty, Bethel, ME
  • Tom Foley, World Institute on Disability
  • Mike Morris, National Disability Institute and Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, University of Iowa College of Law
  • Johnette Hartnette, National Disability Institute

    … and many more to be confirmed. 

Conference sponsor is:

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