Flying brains! MFI logo! Show your support for a nonviolent revolution in mental health! Artist Steve Omilinsky brings 25 years of experience in high-end custom jewelry work. He has created hand-made gorgeous pins to benefit MindFreedom’s campaigns for human rights and alternatives in mental health. Choose from pewter or antique brass plate.

MFI logo in antique pewter, hand-made jewelry. Click on above image to see a close-up.

UPDATE: Now, all donors of $50 or more – new or old – may ask for the pin of your choice! Just join or renew here:


… and email to the MFI office with your choice of pin color and style, here: office (at) mindfreedom.org


MindFreedom Logo Jewelry - Antique BrassNow you can wear a beautiful symbol of MindFreedom International’s mission for all to see — the MFI logo! [On RIGHT, see choice of pewter or antique brass plate. Actual size: 1 1/2 inches.]



Or you can now wear a beautiful symbol of Mad Pride — a flying brain! [Below LEFT see pewter or antique brass. Actual size: 1 1/4 inches.]


Or choose all four pins, featured now in MindFreedom International’s Mad Market!

The art sale benefits MFI’s campaigns for choice and voice in mental health care.

Flying Brain Jewelry - PewterThese pins are big enough to make an impression, but small enough to wear every day. They  make great gifts.

And they’re affordable! Each pin is only $10 (plus postage and handling). Or ask for a pin as a premium for any donation to MFI of $50 or more (specify style and color).


Hand Made by High-End Jewelry Artist


Flying Brain Jewelry - Antique BrassThese new pins were hand made by jewelry artist Steve Omilinsky, who brings 25 years of experience in high-end custom jewelry work. They’re sure to become collector’s items.

Steve got his bachelor’s degree in research psychology, but did not like testing pigeons, so he got into arts and crafts. Said Steve, “I got very involved in spirituality and energetic healing. I wanted to meld metal work and spiritual work.”

Steve worked with MindFreedom staff in the office on the design. “I was glad to do it because my attitude is that psychiatry treats symptoms and not causes. MindFreedom is stepping into treating causes more than symptoms.”


Choose Your Design and Color!

The two designs – flying brain or MFI logo – are available as either original antique pewter, or plated antique brass. Each pin has a “double nub” on the back to easily secure it to your clothing so that it stays in an upright position.

All four choices are featured products on MindFreedom’s Mad Market, where you can order securely here:






Or click a link below to go directly to the product of your choice in MindFreedom’s Mad Market:


MFI Logo Antique Pewter – 1 1/2 inches



MFI Logo Antique Brass – 1 1/2 inches



Flying Brain Antique Pewter – 1 1/4 inches



Flying Brain Antique Brass – 1 1/4 inches



Once you’re in the Mad Market, click on any pin image to see an extreme close-up of the art work!

On behalf of all creatively maladjusted pigeons and humans, thank you Steve Omilinsky!



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