An MFI introduction written in 1999 about forced psychiatric drugging on an outpatient commitment.

Introduction To Forced Outpatient Psychiatric Drugging

The government is increasingly FORCING psychiatric drugs out into the community, into people against their will, while living in their own homes.

African Americans are more likely than whites to be the target!

In the beginning of 1999, Tipper Gore made an announcement. The Clinton Administration would be seeking $70 million more for the “mental health system” federal block grants to local communities. Sound good?

What you didn’t hear, was that an organization that gets a lot of drug company money (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill or “NAMI”) announced it wanted that money mandated to a system called “Program of Assertive Community Treatment” (PACT). PACT already exists in a number of states, but NAMI wants it to go national by the year 2002.

Part of PACT includes visits by mental health workers directly to people’s homes, to make sure they are taking their psychiatric drugs, such as the neuroleptics (the superpowerful drugs like Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Clozapine, etc.). Sometimes PACT workers deliver those drugs every morning, right at people’s own doorsteps, and the worker watches while the subject swallows their drugs along with a beverage to assure compliance. Sometimes workers administer a long-acting depot injection of a neuroleptic right in the individual’s living rooms. When PACT is backed up by a court order, such as through “Involuntary Outpatient Commitment,” you have quite a double whammy: The government can deliver psych. drugs, to your door, that you’re required by court order to take, even though neuroleptics can in the long run lead to actual brain shrinkage and worse emotional problems. [See December 1998 issue of American Journal of Psychiatry for evidence about the neuroleptics being linked to brain shrinkage.]

When you hear about “forced psychiatric drugging,” perhaps you think about injections going on somewhere INSIDE psychiatric institutions. But in the past few years, more than half of USA states — and several other countries — have quietly passed laws allowing people living out in the community to be court-ordered to take psychiatric drugs against their will. Other coercive methods are also used.

Forced outpatient psychiatric drugging isn’t just another Internet mind-control conspiracy fanatasy. This is real life, today, told by people on the front lines of the resistance.

This site tells you how forced psychiatric drugging is done using court orders, blood tests, threats, high-tech long-acting injectables, etc. You’re provided with documentation about this “chemical crusade’s” increased frequency and hazards. You’ll read the stories of real individuals who have been forcibly drugged on an outpatient basis. Learn the methods one survivors used (including the Internet) to successfully resist her forced Depakote. Read about Ricky Herron, a young African American who was killed out in the community from his forced Clozapine.

Most importantly, don’t wait for the government to come to your door — or the door of a loved one — with its super-powerful psychiatric drugs! Learn here how to resist!

The same government that quietly sat by and watched a few years ago as crack cocaine was pushed into the African American community in LA to finance the killing of Nicaraguans, is at it again. This time the government is directly and actively spreading the use of out-and-out force to push powerful, addictive, brain-damaging psychiatric drugs into your community… today. And once more, African Americans are — statistically — the most likely to be hurt.

Because this information is so scarce, please help alert others about this news on and off the Internet! 

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