Montreal protests electroshock. Not unique ‘anti-shock umbrella hats’ that had slogans on them against electroshock!

“Today’sprotest was great. Sunny day and a lot of enthousiasm About 40 peopleand a lot of flyers given to people coming out of the Metro Station. Apetition has been signed. Celine Cyr gave a clear statement on theabuse of electroshock on women, mothers and grand-mothers.

“Ialso talked about 10 minutes and one of our great feminist activiststhat worked with women that have been shocked and others gave a goodtestimony on how some women were damaged by this ultimate violence.

“Weshouted slogans and a petition was signed. There were tam-tam. Therewas also a little choir among the Comité Pare-choc of Action Autonomiethat sang songs in french against ECT and violence. A lot of people inthe public were shocked to know that shock still exist.”

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