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Where human beings existnaturally there are people with disabilities. But unfortunately, thepeople with disabilities are the most marginalized segment of society.Weather it is a developed world or underdeveloped countries, the peoplewith disabilities are the second-class citizens. The exclusion andmarginalization of the people with disabilities are in every spere ofsocial activities. Such as health care, education, transportation,information/communication, livelihood activities and so on. Therefore,ActionAid Nepal (AAN) has selected disability theme as its one of theworking issues.

AAN strongly believes that therights of the people with disabilities must be ensured to achievedignified life. The disabled persons should be organized and campaignat different levels (local, national and international level) to claimtheir rights and opportunities. Any significant event happening in anypart of the globe in favour of the people with disabilities is ourcommon concern.

The news of THE 2004 FIRSTANNUAL DISABILITY PRIDE PARADE being celebrated in Chicago as greatevent of the people of disability has made us excited. Action Aid Nepalwould like to express its soliradity to make the event as a bigachievement of human rights and diversity for us all. We are hopefulthat this celebrating will be the pride, power, and unity of peoplewith disability in real sense.

Wishing our best

Meenraj Panthee,

Disability Theme Leader/Program Officer,
Action Aid Nepal

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