Outpatient Forced Psychiatry

More and more citizens are required to take super-powerful psychiatric drugs against their will while living in their own homes out in the community. Today 42 US states allow courts to order “involuntary outpatient commitment.” An increasing number of countries are using “community treatment orders” and other techniques that make our homes into wards, our neighborhoods into psychiatric institutions.

News Item Forced Outpatient Psychiatric Drugging *STOPPED* in New Mexico… So Far!
Finally, Something to Celebrate! New Mexico’s Senate adjourned without passing an involuntary outpatient commitment law.
News Item UK Considers More Forced Outpatient Drugging
BBC reports that UK House of Lords may make it far easier to coerce people living in their own homes who have not broken any laws to take psychiatric drugs against their will.
Image Psychiatric Drug Brain Hypo
News Item A Victory for People with Psychiatric Labels in Virginia!
Alison Hymes announces that Virginia has stopped a proposed outpatient commitment program which would allow many Virginians to be court ordered to take psychiatric dugs while living in their own homes.
News Item Debate on forced outpatient psychiatric drugging
National Public Radio’s show “Justice Talking” featured discussions with representatives of ‘both sides of the story’ about the issue of involuntary psychiatric drugging of people out in their own neighborhoods and homes using court orders.
Page Introduction to Involuntary Outpatient Commitment
An MFI introduction written in 1999 about forced psychiatric drugging on an outpatient commitment.
Folder Erick Fabris, psychiatric survivor
Information about work by Erick Fabris to expose the practice of forced psychiatric drugging of people living in their own homes out in the community.
News Item **ACTION** Stop the spread of forced drugging! SAY NO TO TEXAS HOUSE BILL 2212
The proponents of expanded forced psychiatry have already lobbied for outpatient forced drugging laws in almost every state in the union. They’ve succeeded in bringing forced drugging into the homes of those targeted by such laws in most states. It is with great alarm that we have learned that the next domino to fall may be Texas.
Article Researcher, former proponent of compulsory outpatient treatments says they “don’t work” and calls for moratorium.
Results from the largest randomized, double-blind trial of compulsory outpatient treatment yet conducted show that the intervention — while dramatically increasing the amount of time an individual is subjected to compulsory medical interventions (and deprived of essential liberties) — does not reduce hospital readmissions or improve social/clinical outcomes when compared to inpatient hospitalization.
News Item Why I Oppose Texas House Bill 2212 and Forced Drugging
From a MindFreedom member and forced drugging survivor who chooses to remain anonymous: FORCED DRUGGING VIOLATES BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!

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