Psychiatric Labels

Harm caused by unscientific psychiatric diagnoses.

Psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, is doing more harm than good

Psychologist Paula Caplan skewers psychiatry’s newest “Label Bible.” Here is a WASHINGTON POST opinion piece by author and clinical psychologist Paula Caplan, PhD, highly critical of psychiatry’s latest “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.” Please forward. At end is link to register on Washington Post site and comment.

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This Weekend, Philadelphians Can Say “Screw You” to Normal

The published this column just two days before a peaceful protest — Sat., 5 May 2012 — of American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. See links at bottom of text to comment, and how YOU can support the protest of psychiatry’s ‘label bible’ wherever you live!

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Let’s Stop Saying “Mental Illness”!

It is helpful to use other phrases for people who have in the past been described as “mentally ill.” This is a living essay, and the author updates it periodically. If you have any feedback or suggestions let the author know c/o the MindFreedom office. [Modified 8/28/12.]

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Psychiatric Labels Plague Women’s Mental Health

Paula Caplan, PhD is an author, psychologist and long-time critic of psychiatric labeling. Paula is also a MindFreedom activist who has attended the MindFreedom Action Conference, and is providing some great information to members about how to fight abuse caused by psychiatric labeling.

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BBC: “Schizophrenia term use ‘invalid'”

BBC News: Professors say psychiatric use of the term “schizophrenia” ought to be abolished because it’s unscientific.

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Globalization of Psychiatric Labeling

A brief alert about how the American Psychiatric Association has closed the door on psychiatric survivor group involvement in the future and globalization of psychiatric labeling.

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Five

American Psychiatric Association is — behind closed doors — preparing the latest version of their “label bible,” the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM.

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Psychiatrists Revise the Book of Human Troubles

The New York Times covers the mysterious creation of the fifth version of the “label bible” of the American Psychiatric Association, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuarl (DSM). Psychiatrist Darrel A. Regier is in charge of the process, and has chosen to keep the process secret, even though the DSM has the force of law in a variety of mental health related activities, such as commitment hearings.

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Information about American Psychiatric Association Fifth Try at Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

The American Psychiatric Association is attempting to update what is considered their “label bible” of psychiatric diagnoses, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The APA is planning to create a “DSM 5.” MindFreedom is calling on a halt on the process and a dialogue about the harm caused by psychiatric labeling.

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Psychiatry Considers Eliminating “Bereavement Exclusion” for Depression Diagnosis

The American Psychiatric Association currently excludes people who have had a death of a loved one from being diagnosed with “depression” in the short term. For the APA’s next edition of their ‘label bible’ — called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual — they are considering eliminating this exclusion. In other words, an individual who has just suffered the death of a loved one may get a “mental disorder” diagnosis of “clinical depression” on their 15th day of experiencing extreme grief. Even an editor of the current “DSM,” feels that this is overly-medicalizing people’s experiences. MindFreedom has long warned that psychiatric labeling can result in prescriptions for needless psychiatric drugs, as well as discrimination and hopelessness.

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The Mental Illness Industry Is Medicalising Normality

The well-respected UK newspaper The Guardian published this piece criticizing the over-use of psychiatric labeling, and the way the process is “medicalizing” what is considered “normal.”

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