The publication Radical Psychology announces a special issue of, by and for the voice of psychiatric survivors.

RadPsyNet special issue on Psychiatric Survivors

News Release from Radical Psychology Network

by Brenda LeFrancois — blefrancois@laurentian.ca

February 26, 2007 2:57:10 PM PST

We are very pleased to announce that a special issue of Radical Psychology, The Survivors Voice,  is now online. (Please circulate widely).


This special issue of Radical Psychology has opened a space for the ‘survivor’s voice’ to be heard and discussed by activists, psychologists, people with experience using the mental health system as well as interested others inside and outside of the academy.  It is our hope that this space will allow the survivors voice to emerge from amongst the cacophony of medical terminology and will thus empower those whose voices are rarely heard inside the academy and are too often ignored inside the clinic.  We the editors feel that emphasizing survivor’s understandings is a form of consciousness raising and that consciousness raising is an important step in the pursuit of social justice and civil rights for psychiatric survivors.

Table of Contents:

Editorial Foreword / Brenda LeFrancois and Dan Aalbers

An Ethical Approach to Involuntary Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment in Australia / Joel Michas

They Took My Depression and Then Medicated Me into Madness: Co-Constructed Narratives of SSRI-Induced Suicidality / Rachel Liebert and Nicola Gavey

Who fancies to have a Revolution here? The Opal Revisited (1851-1860) / Lauren J. Tenney

“They will find us and infect our bodies”: The Views of Adolescent Inpatients Taking Psychiatric Medication / Brenda A. LeFrancois

A Matter of Definition: Acknowledging Consumer/Survivor Experiences through Narrative / Linda Morrison

Psychiatric Survivor Testimonials and Embodiment: Emotional Challenges to Medical Knowledge / Christopher Canning

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