File How to Report Adverse Psychiatric Drug Reactions in Several Nations
Megan Short has prepared a brief description about how you can file an official report regarding adverse reactions to psychiatric drugs. A few nations are listed such as Canada, USA, etc. However, you may be able to find similar resources in your own nation. This is an early draft, and may change.
Article “Adverse effects of anti-psychotics are ‘tip of the iceberg'”
This letter to the editor of a medical magazine by a Harvard professor of neurology warns that neuroleptic drugs are “grossly over-prescribed and overused.”
News Item USA jury slams psychiatric drugging with $1.6 million verdict
A USA jury delivered a major victory to a woman harmed by a psychiatric drug-induced condition known as tardive dyskinesia (TD).
Article A Mix of Medicines That Can Be Lethal
Psychiatric drugs administered along with other prescriptions (psychiatric polypharmacy) often leads to fatal results. Libby Zion, whose premature demise resulted from ingesting a prescription cocktail, was administered an anti-depressant and a painkiller, both of which targeted the 18 year old college student’s central nervous system. Such deaths and related polypharmacy traumas have become increasingly common, yet most doctors remain unaware of the potential adverse side effects of such neurotoxic cocktails. As of 2005, researchers report, more than 85 percent of doctors were “unaware of the serotonin syndrome as a clinical diagnosis.”
File Psychiatric Polypharmacy: A Word of Caution
An Investigation by Protection & Advocacy, Inc. into deaths related to the combined use of multiple psychiatric medications. The administration of aggressive polypharmaceutical regimens in these deaths, according to the agency, was not supported by the clinical presentation of the patients, nor by the medical literature. The report, released in June, 2004, concluded that inadequacy of clinical responses resulted from a lack of recognition of the precipitous deterioration of each patient. In each case, inappropriate diagnostic conclusions undermined the potential for attending to the causes of the patient’s deteriorating medical condition.
Link “Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs”
From Annie Armin Live: A series of talk show discussions on the dangers of psychiatric drugs.
Link “What People Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs Such as Sleeping Pills, Antidepressants, Tranquilizers, Anti-Psychotics”
A 34 page booklet, written by E. Daisy Anderson, M.S., and Janet Currie, M.S.W., that provides basic information about the problems associated with taking psychiatric drugs. Hard copies may be purchased through the link below, with proceeds going to the Psychiatric Awareness Group. A PDF version is also available for download. Please note, however, that the PDF version is for individual, non-commercial, single-use only.
Article The fool on the hill
The Lancet, a widely-respected international medical journal, published an essay sharply critical of the psychiatric industry that reviews two books: “The Myth of the Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment” by Joanna Moncrieff and “Side Effects: a Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial” by Alison Bass.

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