Over-prescription of ‘antipsychotic’ psychiatric drugs to seniors

Senior citizens are among the many groups targeted for an extra-high level of over-drugging by the neuroleptic psychiatric drugs, which are also known as antipsychotics.

Study finds “Unnecessary” drugs in nursing homes

CBS-TV news covered a US government report about how many senior citizens are being massively over-drugged with powerful neuroleptic drugs, also known as anti-psychotic. Even worse: Though the FDA has strongly warned that some neuroleptics in seniors diagnosed with dementia can cause sudden death, many nursing homes are routinely over-prescribing these drugs because of corrupt financial incentives.

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Crisis Behind Closed Doors: Antipsychotic Drugging of Canada Seniors

In an extensive June 2011 article, journalist Rob Wipond shows that more than half of older Canadians in long-term care are getting powerful neuroleptic psychiatric drugs, also called “antipsychotics.” He also questions the values, and outlines the hazards. Here is an excerpt.

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