Tom Greening poetry to change the mental health system

Tom Greening has written many humorous poems challenging the current mental health system, and what is called ‘normal,’ which he decidedly is not.

Page Poem “Drug Effects” by Tom Greening
A poem by Tom Greening.
Page Poem: “Whose Fault” by Tom Greening
Page Poem: “My Snyapses” by Tom Greening
Page Poem: “I’m Just Fine” by Tom Greening
Image Tom Greening is both a psychology professor and a poet
Tom is a leading dissident psychologist who is challenging the human rights violations inherent in the current mental health system. Plus, Tom is a poet and humorist who helps maintain his own well being through his poetry on psychologist, which is on the MindFreedom web site.
Page Poem “Quack” by Tom Greening
by Tom Greening
Page Tom Greening has poetry book
How to order Tom’s book on poetry
Page Selection on “Psychology and Other Pathologies” by Greening
Tom Greening has been writing serious and comical poetry for over 50 years and has had poems published in such diverse places as The American Scholar and Ski Magazine. A set of his poems about his trips to Russia has been translated into Russian. Tom says, “Writing poems about psychology, some of them satirical, has helped me maintain a vestige of sanity in the face of what psychology has become.”

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