Veterans Mental Health

Present and former military personnel and their family are often denied adequate alternatives and advocacy for mental and emotional well being.

News Item A troubling diagnosis in Iraq
Associated Press reports that a US soldier accused of murdering a family in Iraq had previously disclosed his desire to kill innocent Iraqui civilians, but had primarily been prescribed a powerful neuroleptic psychiatric drug Seroquel and returned to duty.
Article Army officer warns of mental health woes
Associated Press reports that “mental health screening” is being promoted among returning Iraqui vets. Without adequate information, advocacy and alternatives, mental health screening could mean much more psychiatric drugging and disempowerment.
Article On Military Veterans and Mental Health: Go Deeper
A supporter of MindFreedom International, Gordon Sturrock, has helped create a web forum for military vets who support peace and social justice. Gordon asked MindFreedom director David Oaks to ‘kick off’ the particular forum on vets and mental health issues. Here’s David’s response.
Article Fort Hood: A Harbinger of Things to Come?
The mass murder by Major Nidal Malik Hasan would have had very different media coverage if he had been a mental health client, instead of a mental health professional. There are now allegations that Major Hasan displayed a pattern of abuse and unprofessionalism toward his mental health clients, but he was never relieved of duty. Clinical psychologist and attorney Bryant Welch is concerned about other psychiatrists who may be abusing vets. The views are those of the author.
Article Mental health hospitalizations up for troops
The number of hospitalizations of USA troops for psychiatric reasons has been climbing for years, and now exceeds any other cause.
Article This July Fourth, listen to a veteran
Paula Caplan is a leader in challenging the mental health system, and a long time supporter of MindFreedom International. Here, Paula comments on how everyone can play a role in supporting vets who wish to speak about their traumatic experiences.

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