The State of New York Office of Mental Health has distributed a pamphlet that claims that prescribing Haldol to a three year old is okay. Haldol is one of the super-powerful psychiatric drugs known as a neuroleptic or “anti-psychotic.” This four-page pdf is rather large (2.3 megs), but offers proof that a government-funded agency would give an official public endorsement to this abuse. MindFreedom members have campaigned OMH to stop using this pamphlet. It looks like the PDF is suddenly not available via the OMH web site any more, but it is still on our web site here for download. The text is still on the OMH web site as of 19 June 2007 at http://www.omh.state.ny.us/omhweb/booklets/ChildrensBook.htm. (If you download the PDF, note that OMH intends this PDF to be copied back-to-back and folded for distribution, so the page order on your computer screen is not consecutive.)

OMH-Children-brochure.pdf — PDF document, 2309Kb

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