Find quick answers to frequently asked questions about the email lists here. We’ll be adding to these as more questions come in. If you don’t find your answer here and still need help, email the Aministrative Assistant at

How can I get my e-mail list password?

No problem! Just remember that your password for each list is unique, and not related to other passwords, such as to get onto this member-only web section.

To retrieve your e-mail password for a list: Simply go to the very bottom of the information web page about that e-mail list, go to the bottom of the page where there’s a button that says “unsubscribe or edit options,” enter your email address in the blank and click the button! You will be prompted about how to have your password e-mailed to you automatically.

Why was my e-mail automatically bounced or delayed?

There are many reasons this can happen.

One of the most common reasons is if you e-mail to more addresses than the e-mail list itself.

Ideally, only the e-mail address for the list should be in your “to” line of your e-mail, with no other e-mail addresses in the “to” line, “cc” line or “bcc” line. If you have more e-mail addresses in the “header,” the list software may suspect that your e-mail is spam and either bounce or delay it.

How can I change my settings for an e-mail list?

For any changes to your settings, please try to use the handy web-based interface yourself first! It will really help staff if you can self-manage most e-mail list changes.

However, if thatdoes not work, feel free to e-mail exact, complete and clearinstructions about what change you need on your e-mail list settings Include all information such as exactly what lists to change, your complete old e-mail address, your complete new e-mail address, etc. Please allow several days for a response. We may also try to have a volunteer contact you to assist.

How can I be sure my post got to the list?

First of all, as a list member you can go into the archive and check out current and past messages. That’s a nice way to catch up on discussion in any case.

You will need your password to check archives, see the question above about retrieving that password if you forgot it.

Second, you can click on your personal settings for any list to be sure an acknowledgement of any message you sent is also sent to you. Just follow the directions in the “how can I change my settings” question above, then read your settings. Change the one marked, “Receive acknowledgement mail when you send mail.”

How can I change my “settings” such as “digest” myself?

No problem. Go to the web page for list information about that list — found in “The MFI Lists” section, link below. At the bottom of the info page under “unsubscribe or edit options” you can plug in your e-mail address, and press the button “unsubscribe or edit options.” You need your password, but you can have it e-mailed to you if you forgot it. Once you plug in your password, you have access to change all kinds of settings, including digest.

Why are “attached files” not allowed?

A few of MFI’s lists allow attached file, many do not. The main reason is that we seek to make our lists as safe as possible. Some computer viruses can be transmitted just by looking at the file (even before actually double-clicking on the attachment).

Also, some members have real basic computing set-ups that cannot handle attached files.

In addition,MindFreedom seeks to make all communication as accessible as possible.Some MindFreedom members have visual disabilities and their computermust be able to read “plain text” in the body of the e-mail itself.

Sometimes people send out “attached files” and they aren’t even aware of it, such as for formatting, or a Web page they embed in their e-mail. If this is a problem for you, you may want to ask your Internet Service Provider for advice.

Occasionally the list moderator will announce that sending an attached file is okay.

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