General Tips and Instructions for a supportive, safe environment on all MFI e-mail lists.

We hope MFI e-mail lists will help you be the most effective human rights activist you can be.

Technical problems?

If you have technical problems on the list please contact the office at As with any e-mail list, please do not e-mail an entire list with technical problems unless absolutely necessary. E-mail off-list to us in the office. 

The most common problem: E-mailing to more than addresses than the e-mail list itself. If you e-mail to too many e-mail addresses at once in your message to an e-mail list, the list software may think that your e-mail is spam, and either bounce or delay your message.

Safe, focused, supportive environment

Unlike some e-mail lists and web forums, MindFreedom seeks to carefully moderate all electronic list discussions. However, because of the nature of the Internet, there is no guarantee about the content, and therefore the author is responsible for content which does not necessarily represent MindFreedom International.

Almost all MindFreedom Internet lists and forums are for use by currentmembers only. Please be sure to keepyour annual membership up to date. The few lists and forums open to non-members are clearly marked.

Based onMindFreedom’s core values of working in a spirit of mutual cooperation, werequire that all communication on MFI e-mail and web discussions follow guidelines, stay on topic and be respectful of othermembers on the list, and the MindFreedom International community.

If you receive an offensive and/or off-topic message on aMindFreedom e-list that you feel violates guidelines, please complaindirectly to the office at

Some members prefer little or no moderation. Manyother members ask for focused and supportive conversations. Please keep in mind that MFI’s very limited resources must be dedicated to human rights activism, and not Internet discussion.

If a post raises a potential problem this is the procedure:

  1. The office attempts to notify a member about a problem post.
  2. The office offers dialogue to clarify guidelines and seek resolution.
  3. However, individuals not agreeing to or following MindFreedom guidelines, including the below resolution, may be removed from MindFreedom e-mail lists, with or without notice.

MindFreedom Board Resolution (adopted unanimously 1 November 2001):

“E-MAIL LIST POLICY: While MindFreedom, board and staff are open to constructive criticisms, no one may use the MindFreedom electronic lists for unconstructive attacks of MindFreedom as an organization,MindFreedom staff, or members. At the director’s discretion, someone sending such an e-mail to the MindFreedom electronic list will have it rejected, or the individual may be removed from the list.”

If you have any questions or suggestions about these guidelines, please contact the MFI office at


MindFreedom does not sell or trade any personal information,communication or e-mail addresses on our lists to anyone under anycircumstances; the only exception is under advisement from our attorney in a matter of a court order or criminal activity.

Please do not copy or forward posts or contact information from e-maillists elsewhere, unless permission is given by the poster.

PLEASE NOTE that no e-mail anywhere on the Internet is truly private,so please do not post information you want to remain confidential onany e-mail list. Many of the MindFreedom lists are archived on theInternet. While only members have access to member e-list archives,there is no guarantee these posts will remain private forever.

If you post something to the MindFreedom member-only lists that youwant to be shared widely, please be sure to give that permissionclearly in your e-mail message.


As much as possible, we ask members to self-moderate. For instance, please do not send the same message to more than one of our member-only e-mail lists, because many members are on more than one list and will get a duplicate.

Please respect the time of our members on the lists, and please do not over-post too many and too much. For instance, take ongoing private discussions off list. Or if there’s a source of news, perhaps post about the source rather than forward every item from that source.

On some lists we do have volunteers to help moderate the list. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer.

Why are “attached files” usually not allowed?

The main reason is that we seek to make our lists as safe as possible. Some computer viruses can be transmitted just by looking at the file (even before actually double-clicking on the attachment).

Also, some members have real basic computing set-ups that cannot handle attached files.

In addition,MindFreedom seeks to make all communication as accessible as possible.Some MindFreedom members have visual disabilities and their computermust be able to read “plain text” in the body of the e-mail itself.

Sometimes people send out “attached files” and they aren’t even aware of it, such as for formatting or a Web page embedded in their e-mail. If this is a problem for you, you may want to ask your Internet Service Provider for advice.

Occasionally the list moderator will announce that sending an attached file is okay.

How to get on member-only lists

MindFreedom members areencouraged to use the below information to sign up for any e-mail listyourself, and self-manage the settings. It’s easy!

Each list has an information web page. This special web page allows you to get on a list, pick your own password, and change your own settings. For example, you may decide whether or not you want to receive one “digest” of all messages for the day, instead of each individual message.

For member-onlylists, the office needs to check membership status to approve thesubscription request you submit via the information web page. Pleaseallow one to a few days for the office to complete this process.

To approvesubscription requests the office also needs to have the e-mail addressyou will be using for MindFreedom lists in the office database. If youare not sure we already have that e-mail address on record pleasee-mail it with your name and address to

Once you are on alist, you may go to the very bottom of the list information web pageand use the “edit options” button to make a number of setting changes.For example, you may universally change your e-mail address for allMindFreedom lists you are on automatically from any one list. You mayalso unsubscribe yourself from a list, or just disable your e-maildelivery while you are on vacation.

Below are the currently available member-only lists. Please allow one to a few days for your application to the list to be approved by the office.

Please note the difference between announcement lists and discussions lists.  You CANNOT post messages to an announcement list, only to a discussion list!

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