The NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Association will hold its 22nd annual conference, NADA Communities of Recovery and Psychological First Aid, May 20-21 in Kansas City, MO. There will be a pre-conference Acu Detox Specialist Training beginning May 15. Robert Whitaker will be the keynote speaker for the conference.

NADA Communities of Recovery andPsychological First Aid

The National AcupunctureDetoxification Association is pleased to announce its 22nd annual conferencewill be held on May 20 – May 21, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, with apre-conference Acu Detox Specialist training May 15-May 21 (includes 2-dayconference).

The keynote speaker will be awardwinning investigative journalist Robert Whitaker, who emerged in 2010 as aleading critic of the drug-based psychiatric health care paradigm. Whitakerwill present his research, and will also serve on a conference panel alongsideclinicians discussing the use of NADA methods to assist in tapering off ofpsychiatric medication.

Join us as we continue to expand theservice and mission of NADA!

Conference Topics

This year our planned panelpresentations clearly demonstrate the ever-expanding applicability andversatility of the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. Panel topics include:

  • Sign of the Times: Employees, Wellness and Creating Human Enrichment in the Workplace
  • Health Crisis Prevention and Intervention: Crises Causing Symptoms and Symptoms Causing Crises
  • NADA’s Radical Center: from Grassroots to Professional – a Unilateral Approach
  • Opening the ADS Door: Advocacy, Collaboration, and the Acupuncture Profession
  • A Higher Learning: Health and Wellness on College Campuses
  • NADA International: Pioneers on the International Frontier
  • NADA Best Practices: Military Veterans Lead the Way
  • The Evolution of Group Acupuncture

Presenting at the Conference

At this conference we invite you toconsider sharing your work with the NADA community as it relates to thepractice, implementation, research and outcomes of acu detox. Submit anabstract through our website and you may be selected to participate on a panelor show your work in a poster presentation.
Earn an ADS Certificate of Training (45 CE credits)

Attend this pre-conference sessionas well as the 2-day conference (you must attend both to qualify) and earn anAcupuncture Detoxification Specialist certificate of completion in a 7-dayperiod. This cost effective and time efficient ADS training and conferencecombination comes only once a year. From NADA’s top trainers, learn the simpleear needling technique and how to integrate it into addiction, behavioralhealth, and disaster response treatment settings. You will

gain practical clinical experienceat one or more Kansas City-based treatment centers. Register early – this eventalways sells out.

Additional Information andRegistration

Register online at
Mail form and payment to:
NADA, P.O. Box 1655
Columbia, MO 65205-1655
Questions? (888) 765-NADA
Fax (573) 777-9956


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