On June 24, MindFreedom International hosted a webinar entitled Voice for Choices: Organizing to End Forced Psychiatric Treatment. View more details below including a link for viewing the recording of this webinar below. 

This webinar was made possible with generous support from the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care (FEMHC) as a part of MindFreedom’s  “Voices for Choices” project to train psychiatric survivors, family members, and allies to advocate effectively for choices and alternatives in the mental health system.


In this webinar, the first of a series, panelists David Oaks, Jim Gottstein, and Emily Cutler presented an overview of the psychiatric survivor’s movement, the rewards and challenges of activism, and strategies for uniting and going forward to end forced treatment.


As a part of ‘Voices for Choices’, MindFreedom will offer free, customized, one-on-one mentorship for psychiatric survivors and allies who want to revolutionize the mental health system in their communities. If you are interested in being assigned to a mentor,


Only twenty spots for people to receive mentorship are available. MindFreedom members, affiliates, and psychiatric survivors who harbor a strong desire to revolutionize the mental health system will be prioritized.