Update: The following mentorship support is no longer being offered due to low staffing. Please read the description below and if this sounds like mentorship is something that you would be interested in receiving/providing, please contact office@mindfreedom.org with ‘Mentorship’ in the subject heading. If we get enough volunteer mentors and there is a renewed interest in general, this may be offered again in the future.

MindFreedom is connecting mentors to emerging leaders and activists who fight for human rights in the mental health system.  If you are interested in being connected to a mentor, contact Sarah-at-MindFreedom-dot-org for more information.

● Cultivate leaders and promote activism within the psychiatric survivor’s movement.
● Help lay the groundwork for a full scale revolution in the mental health system.
● Match established leaders/activists in the psychiatric survivor’s community with less experienced activists/leaders.
● Create opportunities for individuals to be connected to peers.
● Teach best organizing practices.
● Empower individuals who have been dis-empowered by forced/coerced psychiatrization.

● Assist psychiatric survivors and allies to plan and put into writing, a simple but effective human rights campaign.
● Teach people to plan campaigns that meet the needs of a specific individual or group of individuals.
● Mentorship may be centered around helping a particular individual gain access to an alternative to forced/coerced psychiatric treatment (which is a human right) or assisting one or more psychiatric survivors and advocate effectively for human rights in their community, such as by eliminating unjust practices or promoting alternatives and choices in general.