New to MindFreedom? Have just a moment? Here are a few “landing pages” where you can sample some of MindFreedom International’s campaigns, activities and interests.

Molly Hogan supporting victims of psychiatric torture.

MFI 101

MindFreedom International is celebrating its 25th year. 

Everyone who supports human rights is welcome to join!

Some are not sure where to start. Here are three quick ways… by creating more choices, exploring mad pride, and protecting human rights!


Build Your Choices!

MindFreedom International is all about promoting more self-determination and empowerment among those who use any service for mental and emotional well being.

In other words: Choice!

One choice is no choice. 

Here’s a brief intro about MindFreedom’s Campaign for Choice in Mental Health Care here.


Celebrate Your Mad Pride!

How about a world without labels?

Labels are words that are put on others without their permission. MindFreedom helps turn the tables. For more than a decade, MindFreedom has helped promote and network groups and individuals who celebrate “Mad Pride.”

That’s a campaign for anyone!

Here’s a quick tour through what it means to build your Mad Pride!


Shield Your Human Rights!

When our human rights are violated, there are a number of ways to show our “creative maladjustment.”

One of these is people power! (See photo of above with a member holding a sign remembering her family members who have been harmed by psychiatric abuse.)

If our members register with the MindFreedom Shield, and are unjustly threatened with forced drugging, electroshock, solitary confinement, restraints, they can instantly activate a network to speak out!

There are no guarantees of results… but when our rights are threatened, we can at least speak out and let others know!

For more about protecting our human rights, including with the Shield campaign, click here.



Of course, there are many other activities in MindFreedom. Explore the web site to find out more about the latest news… what sponsors and affiliates are up to… and most importantly how MFI can support you to be the most effective activist for a peaceful revolution in mental health care!


Ready? Then click here to join MindFreedom International today securely on this web site, today!


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