Public Service Announcement: 1 July 2022

MindFreedom Invites New Groups to the Support Coalition

Get organized and give freedom a voice in your area. The MFI Support Coalition is alive and growing! More information on MFI’s Support Coalition can be found here.

MFI Executive Director, Ron Bassman said, “For decades the MFI Support Coalition has offered many of us the opportunity to learn and connect with others of similar values. Alone, there are severe limitations of what we can do. But by joining with others, we can make genuine progress.”

Within MindFreedom International’s Support Coalition, there are two primary types of groups: Sponsors and Affiliates.

A Sponsor is a pre-existing organization that supports and endorses MFI’s goals, but doesn’t include “MindFreedom” in its name. Typically, a Sponsor group is an independent nonprofit or community organization. The first Sponsor group in the Support Coalition was the National Association for Rights Protection & Advocacy (NARPA).

An Affiliate uses the “MindFreedom” name and is similar to a chapter structure. Affiliates can be based on local geography/region (e.g. MindFreedom Ghana). Now Affiliates can also be based on a shared interest or campaign (e.g. Prisoner Rights).

Are you possibly interested in having your group join MFI’s Support Coalition? Or are you interested in forming a new MindFreedom Affiliate, based on either location or affinity? If so, please email us directly at After we hear back, we will work with you on detailing the next steps, such as getting you the new, handy online Application form.

In Support,

MindFreedom International Intern Team