NPR’s show “Day to Day” examines about the involuntary electroshock of Minnesota resident Ray Sandford, and MindFreedom’s campaign for his human rights.

Ray Sandford is regularly given involuntary outpatient electroshock in Minnesota.

National Public Radio on Involuntary Electroshock

You may listen to the 15 December 2008 nearly nine-minute NPR show online for free, click here:

A transcript of the show can be found via the Minnesota Public Radio web site here:

The NPR show interviews Ray Sandford along with David W. Oaks, director of MindFreedom and many others, including Ray’s mom, about the ethical debate over forced electroshock.

Ray Sandford is a Minnesota resident who is court ordered to have electroshock over his expressed wishes on an outpatient basis. Ray contacted MindFreedom International to launch a campaign that has reached millions of people about Ray’s right to say “no” to his electroshock.

Every other Wednesday Ray is escorted from his group home residence to receive another electroshock against his wishes. Ray’s most recent electroshock was on 10 December 2008, which was also United Nations International Human Rights day.

For background see Ray Campaign Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Ray Sandford Has a Hearing Tomorrow – Please Attend!

Because of MindFreedom’s campaign, Ray has at least been given a new court hearing, scheduled for *tomorrow*, Tuesday, 16 December 2008 at 8:30 am. If you live in St. Paul/Minneapolis area, please try to attend. Ray said the hearing is at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. For address and directions click here:

If Ray loses, his next forced electroshock is scheduled for Christmas Eve, 24 December 2008. It would be approximately his 36th electroshock.


If you politely insist when you call the office of the Governor of Minnesota, you are finally able to talk to a staff person about the topic of involuntary electroshock.

If you just get diverted to voice mail, call back later and ask to speak to a staff person.

Unfortunately, the staff person is simply saying that Governor Pawlenty believes he can do nothing.

Please help Governor Pawlenty realize that he has self-determination and empowerment! The Governor could at least help Ray get better legal representation.

Call the Governor’s office from anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free (800) 657-3717.



Please spread the word! Circulate this news about the NPR show to all those who may be interested. The link to the Ray Campaign is here:

LET THE MEDIA KNOW about the NPR coverage of the Ray Sandford campaign!

Note that after registering on that NPR web site you may also leave a *comment* about the show about Ray. Estimated number of listeners of Day to Day is two million on 200 radio stations. Because of cutbacks, NPR recently announced the show would be cancelled in March 2009.


Encourage Everyone to Join MindFreedom International During the Fall 2008 Support Drive

Build the people power it will take to stop the kind of torture that Ray is experiencing!

For information about how you can join MindFreedom today, click here:

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