A listing of guests from past weekly free internet broadcasts of MindFreedom News Hour with host David Oaks interviewing human rights activists and providers of alternatives to the mental health system.

Past MindFreedom News Hour Shows

2/14/07 – Sascha DuBrul is a co-founder of the Icarus Project, an underground media project led by individuals who are diagnosed with “bipolar disorder,” who view their label as a two-edged sword: They can accomplish much, but are at risk of difficulties.

2/1/07 – Peter Breggin, MD — A psychiatrist, author and one of the leading mental health reformers of the past thirty years.

1/23/07 – Grace Jackson, MD — A psychiatrist who promotes humane voluntary alternatives to the traditional psychiatric system internationally. Dr. Grace Jackson is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated summa cum laude. Her first book Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs: A Guide for Informed Consent underscores the rights of consumers and clinicians to have access to care without psychiatric drugs.

1/10/07 – Guest Oryx Cohen is founder of the Freedom Center in Massachusetts. Oryx experienced abuse from the mental health system. He went on to get his Master’s Degree, and start programs to help psychiatric survivors find alternatives, advocacy and employment.

1/3/07 – Guest Pat Risser, a survivor of human rights violations in the mental health system, has been an activist for 25 years developing self-help groups, building statewide networks, and directing a rights program.

12/27/06 – Janet Foner: psychiatric survivor with a Master’s degree in Community Psychology who is a champion of humane alternatives to the mental health system.

12/20/06 – Paula J. Caplan, MA, PhD, psychologist and author. Paula is a clinical and research psychologist, playwright, director, actor, Harvard lecturer, and author of “They Say You’re Crazy: How the World’s Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who’s Normal.”

12/13/06 – Mary Maddock — psychiatric survivor, author & activist — from Cork, Ireland is author of a new book, “Soul Survivor: A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry.” A former nun, Mary spent 20 years in the psychiatric system experiencing psychiatric drugs and electroshock. In 2000 she broke free, and became an activist who founded MindFreedom Ireland.

12/6/06 – Felicia McCarty — Mother, Activist and Psychiatric Survivor: Felicia’s son ended up in the psychiatric system for 30 years. Hear about her decades of activism for her son, and about his recent tragic and unnecessary death inside a California psychiatric institution.

11/29/06 – Leah Harris, Psychiatric Survivor: “I Was a Teenage Mental Patient!” Leah Harris survived the mental health system and became a key activist for human rights. Leah passionately calls for encouraging young people to take leadership in winning human rights .

11/8/06 Guest = Jim Gottstein, psychiatric survivor attorney and founder of PsychRights.org based in Alaska.

11/1/06 Guest = Dan Fisher, MD, PhD — Both psychiatric survivor and psychiatrist, Dan is helping to organize the new National Coalition of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Organizations (NCMHCSO).

10/25/06 Guest = Gabe Hadd: My Underground Railroad — How I Escaped Over State Lines to Evade My Forced Outpatient Psychiatric Drugging

10/11/06 Guest = Bruce Levine: A dissident psychologist rebels against the domination of psychiatric drugs, mental health corporations, and a “world gone crazy.”

10/3/06 Guest = Aby Adams: Mental health screening in your school: What are the dangers and alternatives?

9/26/06 Gust = Linda Valentine: How Family Members Can Support Human Rights of Psychiatric Survivors

9/19/06 Guest = Ted Chabasinski–From forced electroshock to activist.

9/12/06 Guest = Lauren Tenney– Saving children today from psychiatric abuse:Learning from History

9/5/09 Guest = Will Hall — How People Labeled ‘Schizophrenic’ Can Respond to False Stereotyping That We Are Violent

8/22/06 Guest = Sally Zinman — Lessons for Today From 30 Years of Activism in the Mental Patients Rights Movement.

8/15/06 Guest = Judi Chamberlin — Why We Demand Human Rights, Not ‘Mental Patient’ Rights

08/8/06 Guest = Leonard Roy Frank — Surviving & resisting electroshock.

08/1/06 Guest = Matt Morrissey — Alternatives for extreme emotional distress.

07/25/06 Guest = Hugh Massengill — Surviving trauma and psychiatric abuse.

07/18/06 Guest = Al Galves, PhD — How dissident mental health professionals can be good allies.

07/11/06 Guest = Celia Brown — Celia’s story of surviving psychiatry, promoting alternatives, and speaking out inside the United Nations for three years as President of MindFreedom International.

06/27/06 Guest = Krista Erickson — Mad Pride! How you can organize a Mad Pride event and join in with anchor events in four nations: Ghana Africa, UK, Canada and USA.

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