What is your reply to the newest ‘label bible,’ the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – DSM 5? MindFreedom calls on you to boycott the American Psychiatric Association’s unscientific and destructive idea of “normal.” More importantly, we call on you to lead us to a new normal.


The boycott’s official launch is May 5, 2011, the day that the American Psychiatric Association meets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA to give their blessing to the new “label bible,” DSM-V.


Only creative and brave expression can save us from a “normal” that threatens us all! Your own “creative maladjustment” is the key, here are some tips to help inspire you… anywhere on Earth. 


Help Lead the Boycott. Your Action Checklist.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. 

At the touch of a button… you can reach people. We ask you to tag your tweets and posts and uploads with: OccupyAPA. That’s one word, no space. That way others can find you!


  • Examples of just a few Youtubes via OccupyAPA:

Dorothy Dundas, psychiatric survivor speaks out:


Jim Gottstein, psychiatric survivor speaks out


Example of a ‘label rip’ you can do at home and upload on Youtube!


How to do a ‘label rip’ — it’s easy!



  • Learn More about Harm From Labeling

To get you started here is a folder of a few articles about the harm of imposing labels on others, including the important WASHINGTON POST column by Paula Caplan’s on 27 April:




  • Use Facebook for the New Normal

Yes, staring at Facebook for too long can be the Old Normal. But you can help transform it to the New Normal! It’s where lots of people are! There are a number of places on Facebook about this movement, here are two Facebook areas to network with others on Boycott Normal

FACEBOOK REGULAR PAGE Boycott Normal – Occupy APA 5/5:


or use this link:


Here’s the Facebook EVENT for five-five Occupy the American Psychiatric Association:


or this link:



  • Life After Labels

Share your stories of labeling, recovery, and hope on this blog by Aki of Ohio, via a text or video. Everyone can psychiatric survivors, especially youth who may feel hopeless, by letting them know they are not alone in dealing with ‘normal,’ and that it gets better. Click here.


  • People’s DSM

Make up your own positive description! CJ of Portland, Oregon invites you to fight the DSM by being proud of your positivity! Click here.


  • Posters by Artist Amy Smith

Here is a creative poster you can download based on artwork by psychiatric survivor Amy Smith, to “occupy the APA.’ You can also find her original artwork scan, to create your own flyer!


  • Be ‘Creatively Maladjusted’

This campaign is officially supported by the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM) which was launched by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You are an IAACM leader! For astounding quotes by MLK about his vision of the IAACM, click here.


  • Radio Show

Every “second Saturday,” you can participate in a monthly free live web radio show with people who will be speaking. To get news of the latest show, to listen and call in live, click here. Recent shows have featured leaders explaining why they are protesting — Ann Rider from Arizona, Debbie Plotnick – one of our hostesses from Philadelphia, and dissident psychologist Brent Robbins,  who is leading one of the petitions against DSM-5. We’ve also had Ted Chabasinski, Laura Delano, Jim Gottstein, and others! To hear this and other archives, click here.


  • Have Mad Pride!

Learn about the Mad Pride movement, including creative ideas for skits, festivities and more! Click here. The late poet and psychiatric survivor leader John McCarthy of Mad Pride Ireland was able to bring thousands of the general public into parks to celebrate Mad Pride. Even a small ‘family friendly’ fun event with music and food can break through to the general public about changing mental health — and the issue about mental and emotional wellness is a 100 percent issue! You can learn about John’s work here.


  • Sign Up For News

No matter what, be sure to get the free general public MFI news alerts so you get the latest occasional updates about Boycott Normal, including the MindFreedom Liv e Free Web Radio Show each month! This is a ‘no spam’ list that absolutely protects your email address. To sign up, click here


  • Network via the Patch Adams Clown Community

One of the most famous supporters of MindFreedom International since 1992 is the psychiatric survivor clown physician Patch Adams, who has an international extended community of “creatively maladjusted” globally. A key leader for mental health change with Patch is psychiatrist/author Carl Hammerschlag. You can google his unique name for more, and/or watch Carl speak out about DSM and Boycott Normal here or the “nobility of weirdness” or endorsing MindFreedom’s work. Patch’s clowns in Florence Italy developed MindFreedom’s “normality screening.” A good example is from MadHattersofBath


  • Peaceful Street Theater to Boycott Normal

An example of street theater is the announcement of the Boycott Normal campaign on World Mental Health Day, when we try to “Out Crazy” the US Chamber of Commerce, one of the main entities in the USA opposing progress on climate crisis, banking reform and health care. 


  • Ideas? Brainstorms? Media contacts

If you have a brainstorm for Boycott Normal, or you are with the media, contact boycott@mindfreedom.org. Media and current MFI members can phone MFI “member services line” at 541-345-9106


  • Join MindFreedom International!

No need to be a MindFreedom member to participate and lead in any of these activities. But isn’t being an MFI member a great idea? To sign up easily and securely online, click here. 

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