Check out the short, powerful videos just posted to this new I GOT BETTER website, by people who overcame hopelessness about ever recovering while in the mental health system.

The purpose of I GOT BETTER is to lift people’s hopes and spirits.

See new videos of hope on this new I Got Better web site!

by Sophie Faught and John Abbe, MFI Communication Co-Coordinators

MindFreedom International is seeking your videos — personal testimonials of recovery from hopelessness — for this new I GOT BETTER website:

This campaign has the potential to “go viral” — imagine first dozens, then hundreds, even thousands of people sharing their videos… Celebrities and other public figures “coming out” of the “mad closet”… This could not only bring hope to people in pain, but also change attitudes toward us in society in general. 

With your help, people will get the message that there is hope, even in situations of extreme mental and emotional distress… or even when someone feels trapped forever in a mental health system with no exit. 


Sharing Your Video Story Could Make All the Difference

Now it’s up to you — do you have a story about discovering and nurturing hope while in and out of the mental h ealth system, and mental and emotional problems? 

Sharing your story could make a huge difference to someone in the depths of their own struggle, especially young people. 

Getting a psychiatric label can feel isolating. When they see you and others sharing your stories about how you found hope and defined recovery and wellness for yourself, you will encourage them and give them ideas about how to make their own lives better.

Whether or not you share your story, think about people in your life who may have such a story, and see if they would like to share it. 


It’s Easy To Share Your Video Story!

One of the best ways to really reach people today is with video, so they can see your face and hear your voice. Try to keep it short. Go ahead and share the worst of your struggles, but make sure to follow that up with your recovery from hopelessness and positive information about how you’re achieving wellness in your life. 

You don’t have to be “fully recovered” (however that’s defined!) to participate. Whatever steps you’ve taken towards wellness, and to get out of any oppression in the mental health system, you’ve got a story to tell and we want to hear it! 

Thanks for your support in making I GOT BETTER a success!

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