In the spirit of liberty, MindFreedom took its nonviolent revolution to historic Philadelphia, PA, USA, and to the doorstep of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. Solidarity events were held internationally. Read more, and how you can help “occupy APA” in future events.

You are invited to peacefully protest the American Psychiatric Association. Occupy APA! This art work is by psychiatric survivor Amy Smith.

For a new compilation of mainstream and alternative media coverage of the successful “Occupy APA” speeches, march and protest on 5 May 2012 – including video and photos and BBC interview – click here. 

Successful Occupy APA Held, 5 May 2012!
Counter-Celebration. March. Protest.

Background information about Occupy APA “Five Five”:



Basic info about Occupy APA in Philly:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

(Or peacefully protest creatively with us wherever you live!)

Unite in global peaceful resistance to a psychotic psychiatric industry!


The American Psychiatric Association is holding their huge Annual Meeting. The APA plans to give their blessing to the newest version of their harmful “Label Bible” (also known as the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual or DSM 5).


Free Counter-Celebration – 10 am

Friends Center – 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA (arrive early, hall capacity is 700. Google map.)

National speakers and music! Support psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers! Demand humane alternatives to psychiatric abuse! 


Mad Pride Liberty March 

Parade just a few busy blocks to the front doorstep of the APA meeting.

Peaceful “Creative Maladjustment” Protest – 1 pm

Pennsylvania Conference Center – 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Google map.)

Occupy APA! 

Show the world there are better ways than forced psychiatric drugs, electroshock, and corporate psychiatric tyranny. Raise your voices for more non-drug choices for mental and emotional well being! Say ‘no’ to a ‘normal’ that wrecks Earth’s environment and enriches the top one percent.

For more information, email

To download a printable flyer of the above announcement, click here.


Confirmed speakers from all over the USA so far include:


For photos & bio’s of some of the protest speakers below click here.

  • Caitlin Belforti – college student psychiatric survivor in Connecticut

  • Frank Blankenship – psychiatric survivor from Florida
  • Ted Chabasinki – psychiatric survivor activist from California
  • Laura Delano – psychiatric survivor from Boston, Massachusetts
  • George Ebert has  worked as an advocate and human rights activist with the Mental Patients Liberation Alliance in New York State for 35 years.
  • Dan L. Edmunds, EdD – dissident psychologist from Scranton, PA
  • Mary Fala – leader in mental health consumer movement in Penn.
  • Diana Gonzalez is a psychiatric survivor and activist who is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Pschology.  
  • Jim Gottstein, JD – founder of Psychrights from Alaska
  • Daniel Hazen – psychiatric survivor activist from New York State
  • Adina Lambert is a psychotherapist who practices in a suburb of Philadelphia.  She is a member of the Board of Directors International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Pschology.

  • Harry Bentivegna Lichtenstein – MindFreedom New York City
  • David W. Oaks – psychiatric survivor, MFI director, from Oregon
  • Joseph Rogers – long-time leader from host city of Philly
  • Susan Rogers – long-time leader from host city of Philly
  • Lauren Tenney – psychiatric survivor Opal Project leader, New York
  • And more!

You may participate from wherever you are, even with creative individual actions such as via YouTube and Facebook, see:


Toronto, Canada plans a simultaneous protest on 5 May 2012. To reach the organiziers, click here.


All activities will follow nonviolence and peace guidelines by IAACM and MindFreedom International. 

A legal permit has been granted by the City of Philadelphia for this march and protest. Some individuals acting on their own are contemplating nonviolent civil disobedience, but if so this would be their individual decision, and we ask that this be at a clearly separate space from the legally-permitted activities. 


For info on other events that weekend, including in Philly the next day with author Robert Whitaker, Sunday, 6 May 2012, plus protests in Boston, Toronto, Washington State, Alaska and more, click here. 


For a compilation of media coverage – videos, articles, etc. – click here. 

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