This is a welcome message to pre-registered participants of the Creative Revoliution conference/retreat from Celia Brown, MindFreedom board president and chair of the conference organizing committee. Pre-registration is required to attend this conference.

Celia Brown, MFI Board PresidentFrom Celia Brown, MindFreedom board president

Welcome to the Creative Revolution: Turning Our Minds Around Mindfreedom Conference. The beautiful retreat site is near New York City at a place called Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut.

MindFreedom International presents a conference retreat supporting the growth of workable alternatives to standard mental health treatment. We have wonderful presenters on topics such as safe houses, drug-free centers, peer support, emotional healing, poetry, music, drama, performance, writing, journaling, fun & games, liberation, activism, nutrition, exercise, and much more.

The conference starts at 5:30 p.m with dinner. Registration begins at 4:00 pm. Check out is on Sunday, July 15 at 1:00 pm. Please enter the Wisdom House at the Main Building at the Guest Entrance Wisdom House Awning.

We want your stay at Wisdom House to be comfortable, Please bring clothes for warm weather and bring a light jacket for night time. The auditorium is air conditioned and the sleeping areas all have ceiling fans. Please feel free to bring a small fan for your room if you need it.

If you bring a radio, musical instruments, cassette players, etc. Wisdom House has requested that they not be played in the sleeping areas.

Wisdom House provides linens, a towel, wash cloth, and small bar of soap for your stay.

Meal times are 8:00 am, Noon, 5:30 pm. Please arrive on time for meals. Wisdom House has requested that all guests clear their place, stack their dishes and use waste baskets at meal times.

Wisdom House serves meals that include poutry, seafood, or dairy entrée. If you have special food needs, you can bring food items that can be stored in the community kitchenette. Foods that are wrapped, like potato chips, snacks, beverages. Food items such as cheese, fruit, dips or any item that is perishable cannot be stored in the refrigerator.Wisdom House can offer these food items at our convenience.

Please bring your bathing suit. Wisdom House has a pool and is available to us.

There is Wireless internet access and is available at the West End of levels 1 & 2.

Wisdom House welcomes you to visit the Bookstore, Art Gallery, Heritage Room and Chapel.

Smoking Area is at the far end of the parking area. A cigarette container is located there. The grounds are smoke free except for this one area.

A public phone is located in the main house on Level 1 at the West End of the Hall.Phone messages will posted on the message board located outside the bookstore on Level 2, across from the elevator.

The phone number to Wisdom House is (860) 567-3163. The address is 229 East Litchfield Road, Litchfield, Connecticut 06759.

While you are traveling to Wisdom House, if you have questions please feel free to call MindFreedom Conference Staff at 718-354-6131 or 541- 554-1559.


If you have questions about the conference please e-mail to

Note, if you have questions about travel, or would like to coordinate your ground travel with others, or  can assist ground travel with others, please fill out the travel form available in the Travel Center, at the below link, or click here. Thank you.


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