NEWS RELEASE: The MindFreedom online directory of alternative mental health for mental is finally available. Providers who agree with MFI Principles of Mental Health Alternatives are now encouraged to submit their services for listing! (Updated 8/8/09.)

Matthew Morrissey, member of MindFreedom Choice in Mental Health Care Committee, worked hard to complete the launch of the directory. He is shown here speaking at a protest in front of the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.



A Call for All Good Alternative Mental Health Providers to List Their Services!

MindFreedom International announced the much-anticipated launch of its MindFreedom Directory of Mental Health Alternatives, and is issuing an international call for services that would like to be listed.

To try out the geographically-searchable directory, which already lists a few alternatives, go to the Directory Gateway by clicking here.

MindFreedom’s new directory is unique in that every provider listed has agreed to uphold key principles on such issues as the use and discontinuation of psychiatric drugs, the “biomedical model,” and forced treatment. The principles were devised by the the MindFreedom International Choice in Mental Health Care Committee, and endorsed by the MindFreedom International board of directors.

To read the MindFreedom Principles for Mental Health Alternatives click here.

The Directory will be international in scope and draw upon MindFreedom’s allies in many countries.  

MindFreedom board member Matthew Morrissey, who is a mental health counselor, stated, “An important new component to MindFreedom’s work of promoting human rights in the mental health system is to build an extensive network of practitioners and agencies who fundamentally respect the dignity and resiliency of the people they serve.”

While the idea for a directory is not new, the goal of creating it was officially proposed and discussed at the Wisdom House Conference on Alternatives in July of 2007. There, the conference attendees helped brainstorm the broad outlines of the project. 

Thanks to the generous donations of MindFreedom members, enough funds were raised to build a customized database. MindFreedom’s web master NetCorps encountered technical difficulties with the custom database, but work was completed in June 2009.


Call to Providers to List Alternative Mental Health Services in Directory!

Providers of services who agree with the MindFreedom Directory of Alternatives Principles, and who would like to apply to be listed in the directory, may inquire at this e-mail address:

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