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May 8, 2024 Update:
Success!!!–At Least for Now

David just informed us he has been told they are no longer planning to electroshock him and going to work on discharge planning to a theoretically slightly less restrictive environment.  YOU HAVE DONE IT!!!   There is no doubt David would have been electroshocked against his will without your efforts on his behalf. David wants everyone to know how appreciative he is.  David said he called many agencies supposedly standing up for people’s rights and no one cared until he reached MindFreedom.  He said he can’t believe people who don’t even know him have tried to help him.  When he has a chance, he plans to thank us in the comments section.

The court order will likely still be hanging over David’s head so that is of some concern, but for now we should stand down from the advocacy.  If they change their minds again David will try to let us know and we can start the advocacy again.  We will also try to keep in touch with David just to make sure.

David is still trapped by the guardianship imposed on him and it would be great if he could get out from under that.

May 7, 2024, David Russell Alert Update:

This evening David informed us his new psychiatrist, Kate Schak, who testified in favor of electroshocking David against his will on Monday, told him today they were thinking about not going forward with the electroshock.  While not definitive, it does seem hopeful.  We had asking the president/CEO of the Mayo Clinic to stop his organization from electroshocking David against his will on deck as the next action to take and Mr. Gottstein’s e-mail to Dr. Farrugia is in the comments below.  It is still okay to e-mail Dr. Farrugia, but with the thrust being they should indeed decide not to electroshock Mr. Russell and inform him so.  Dr. Farrugia’s e-mail address is probably

May 6, 2024, David Russell Alert Update:
Forced Electroshock Authorized

The court authorized the forced electroshocking of David Russell today.  We understand the lawyer did not present any evidence against electroshock to rebut the untruthful testimony of the doctor.  David’s statements about the harms were ignored, presumably as a product of his “mental illness,” i.e., that he was delusional in believing electroshock is harmful. There were at least eight people from MindFreedom who tried to attend the Zoom hearing, told they had been changed to observers but not let in.  There were probably more who haven’t informed Jim Gottstein.  If you are one of those people, you might drop in a comment below.   We are not giving up.

May 5, 2024, Update — Zoom Into Hearing?

The court hearing to authorize electroshocking David against his will is scheduled for 10:00 AM Central Time, Monday, May 6th.  We have found out it is going to be held by Zoom that one can join using ID Number 1613247575 and Pass Code 246968.  We don’t know if you will be thrown out if you join the Zoom, but it could have a salutary effect on the participants to know that people are watching what they are doing.   Court rules will generally not allow you to speak.  We don’t know if chat will be enabled.   If it is enabled, we know it will be hard to be civil in light of what they plan to do to David, but please be courteous and respectful in spite of that.  You can comment about your experience of and observations about the hearing at the bottom of this page.  Our system requires approval of comments so it may take a little while before it shows up.

It is conceivable they will cancel or postpone the court hearing at the last minute.  That is what happened Thursday when there was a retention hearing scheduled on whether to continue locking up David.  The last we heard, David has not been told of the reason for the delay.  Maybe his  appointed lawyer just agreed to have David continued to be locked up?  However, we don’t see anything to that effect on the docket sheet.

May 2, 2024, Update

David signed a release of information to provide information to James B. Gottstein, Esq., of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights), but they won’t honor it, saying only his guardian can.  This is another reason to contact Mike Hanratty at Catholic Charities, David’s Guardian.  His phone number is 507-454-2270, and his e-mail address is  Jim Gottstein e-mailed Mr. Hanratty asking him to send him the Electroshock Petition and sign an Authorization for Release of Information to communicate with Jim.  This e-mail is in the comments below.  So, today’s action is to contact Mr. Hanratty and demand (respectfully) that he send Mr. Gottstein the Electroshock Petition and sign an Authorization for Release of Information.  His phone number is 507-454-2270, and his e-mail address is   You can post your e-mail and/or describe your phone conversation or voice mail in the comment section below.  Our system requires moderation so it may take a bit for your comment to show up.

May 1, 2024 Update

May 1, 2024. At this point, the prime suspect for who filed the Electroshock Petition is Rob Morgan, the psychiatrist in charge of David where he is locked up at the Mayo Clinic.  His e-mail address is  We don’t have his direct phone number, but Jim Gottstein was able to reach him by calling the Unit at (507) 255-5555 and asking for Dr. Morgan.  Dr. Morgan didn’t deny he had filed the Electroshock Petition and Jim asked him to withdraw it.  Jim then e-mailed him, which is posted in the comments below.

Please e-mail and/or call Dr. Morgan and ask him to withdraw or dismiss the Electroshock Petition.  While it is good to be firm and direct about the harm inflicted by Electroshock, please be respectful and courteous,.  You can then post what you e-mailed, or describe your phone call or voicemail, in the comments.  If you previously  contacted Catholic Charities and have yet to post what you did in the comments, you still can.  Speaking of Catholic Charities, as David’s Guardian, it should vehemently oppose the Electroshock Petition.  They should not be let off the hook even if they didn’t file the Electroshock Petition.  Mike Hanratty is the Program Director of the Catholic Charities guardianship program, his phone number is 507-454-2270, and his e-mail address is

April 30, 2024 Update

Catholic Charities denies it filed the Electroshock Petition and has been asked to vehemently oppose it and to identify who did.  See, the exchange in the comment by Jim Gottstein below.

Shield Alert: Stop David Russell
from being forcibly electroshocked

April 29, 2024.  David Russel is terrified.  He is currently a psychiatric prisoner at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and there is a court hearing scheduled for this coming Monday, May 6th, where they are on track to get a court order through a sham legal process to electroshock him against his will.  David is terrified because he saw another patient who was electroshocked who now can’t even talk.

They really have David boxed in, taking his rights away through a guardianship/conservatorship and assigning him the same lawyer in both cases, who does nothing on his behalf according to David and as far as we can tell.  Having a guardian means David is not allowed to make his own decisions, essentially putting him in the position of a small child with the guardian taking the place of his parents.  The Conservator has control of David’s assets, including his income and bank account.  David is an employed software engineer and the guardianship/conservatorship is absurd, bud sadly we see this all the time.

He is currently forced to take Zyprexa and has experienced the typical large weight gain associated with it.  Zyprexa also dramatically increases the risk of diabetes.  Previously, he was forced to take Risperdal, which has caused his breasts to swell up and lactate.  This is called gynecomastia and is a well-established consequence of taking Risperdal.

This is all terrible and it would be great for David to be freed, both physically from psychiatric incarceration and forced drugging, and from the guardianship, but right now he desperately wants to avoid being electroshocked.  We are still trying to find contact information for some of the people we would like to influence, but we do know Catholic Charities has been appointed guardian over David.  The person there who is making decisions about David’s life is Brittany Dannehy whose phone number is 507-454-2270 ext. 241 and e-mail address is  Mike Hanratty, is the Program Director of Catholic Charities’ euphemistically named Adult Advocacy Program and his phone number is 507-454-2270 and e-mail address is

David says he has not been given the electroshock petition, even though it is almost certainly legally required that he be given it.  We can’t know for sure, but the Minnesota statute about the Guardian’s Power (see § (c)(4)(ii)) says it is the Guardian who is to file a petition for electroshock, so it seems good to call and e-mail Ms. Dannehy and Mr. Hanratty demanding that they withdraw the petition for electroshocking David against his will.  Information on Electroshock is available here that might be useful in crafting e-mails or for phone calls.  What they are planning on doing to David is truly barbarous and the United Nations has determined it can constitute torture (see ¶ 14) so it is right to be angry, but still please be courteous and respectful.   If Catholic Charities did not file the Forced Electroshock Petition they can deny it and if so, should be asked who did.  :Please let us know.

You can leave comments below about steps you have taken and things you have learned and check back for updates.