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30 July 2008: MindFreedom has reached the total limit for the Helios “matching grant” for new members before the deadline, thank you for your support.

Helios Resource Network foundation is matching new donations to MindFreedom International for a limted time only.

Thank you to all those who supported MindFreedom during this matching grant, which was announced below. The grand total limit has been reached at this time. – updated 30 July 2008.

    “Double your donation” to MindFreedom!

Calling all FUTURE members of MindFreedom International!

Now as never before is your best time to support human rights and alternatives in mental health by joining MindFreedom.

For a limited time only, Helios Resource Network has a matching grant for all new members of MindFreedom. Helios is a trusted foundation based here in MindFreedom’s home city of Eugene, Oregon, USA.

When you join MindFreedom soon your donation will be *doubled* by the Helios Resource Network!

You may donate any amount. Recommended is $20 low income, $35 regular. Some individuals can afford to give larger amounts.

Any level of support is welcome, is tax-deductible, and will be doubled up to a cap of $1,000 grand total.

But please act today because the offer expires 31 July 2008.

Once you join, you will receive all the benefits of MindFreedom membership which you can read about by clicking here.

And most importantly you will build the people power it takes for an independent nonprofit coalition to win campaigns for human rights and alternatives in mental health! You can read about those campaigns here on this web site.

You now have two ways to give, by check or online:

To donate to the matching fund by CHECK:

Just make your check out to Helios for any amount, and in the “memo” line of the check be sure to print MindFreedom. Then mail to:

Helios Resource Network
1192 Lawrence
Eugene, OR 97401 USA

To donate to the matching fund ONLINE:

  1. Below you will find a link to the Helios Network grant info. On that Helios web page just click on the MindFreedom link.
  2. On the Helios web page click on “Donate Now Through Network for Good.” 
  3. On the Network for Good web page for Helios, click “Donate Now.” Register and donate securely using your credit card. Just be sure to type in “MindFreedom” in the online “Designation” blank.

Here is that web page to start your ONLINE donation to MindFreedom using the Helios matching fund:

Act soon!

Thank you future members. And thank you Helios Resource Network which promotes community livability by empowering local groups and businesses working toward sustainability.

If you have any questions, please contact the MindFreedom office at ph: (541) 345-9106 or e-mail:

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