On May 17, 2008 there will be a celebration of “creative maladjustment” in Eugene Oregon, USA.

Lane County Mad Pride Event: The Norm-a-Thon

The Normathon is a Mad Pride skit that includes a Big Giant Pill.

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more information: 541-345-9106 lane@mindfreedom.org

“Mad Pride” group plans public street theater for YouTube broadcast.

Worship of “Big Giant Pill” during skit called “The Norm-a-Thon” to poke fun at power of psychiatric drug industry.

Feeling a little crazy? What with war, climate crisis and economic chaos, who isn’t.

No worries! You are invited to bring all of your problems to an enormous replica of a psychiatric pill in a public skit to be held in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

The street theater — called “The Norm-a-thon” — is organized by the nonprofit coalition MindFreedom International as part of an international “Mad Pride” movement that encourages everyone to explore their “creative maladjustment.” It’s a unique way to celebrate May, which is considered “Mental Health Month.”

The skit will include a “Bed Push,” in which a manequin named “Norm” strapped onto a bed with wheels will be chased through Eugene by mental health workers in white coats, along with their Big Giant Pill of course. Mad Pride Bed Pushes have been held in UK, Canada and USA to challenge human rights violations in the mental health system.

The organizers intend to upload a video of The Norm-a-thon onto YouTube, as part of an international Mad Pride movement that now stretches from Canada to Australia, from Africa to Europe. The Mad Pride events are promoted by the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM), chaired by International physician, clown and celebrity Patch Adams, MD.

Mental health worker Ron Unger, a moderator at the event, will chant psychiatric labels as participants worship the Big Giant Pill.  One of The Norm-a-thon organizers, David Oaks, director of MindFreedom and psychiatric survivor, said, “We promise to question reality, normality, media and psychiatric drug industry bullying… and have fun at the same time. We are pro-choice about personal health care decisions. A number of our members take prescribed psychiatric drugs. But we all agree it’s time to call for more choices in mental health care besides drug, drug, drug, drug, drug or drug.”

When not using humor, MindFreedom is also involved in serious campaigns this month, including the launch of an international United Nations treaty on disability and human rights. MindFreedom is the only group of its kind that is accredited by the UN as a Non Governmental Organization.


The Norm-a-thon:

When: Saturday, 17 May 2008 from 4 pm to 6 pm (start gathering at 3 pm).

Where: Ken Kesey statue (ironically enough) at Broadway & Willamette, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Who: You! Come as you are or bring props, signs and costumes (normal or strange). Just show up, or contact MindFreedom for rehearasal.

What: A peaceful protest prank we will broadcast globally on web via YouTube!

*** Bring your problems to our Big Giant Pill while a mental health worker chants.

*** Speak, sing, scream or act your real true feelings in a videoed Mad Minute.

*** Oppression Olympic Trials! Win valuable prizes, like a nonviolent revolution.

*** Cheer for a performance by Youth Committee of Psychiatric Survivors.

*** Free “Normality Screenings” using authentic rubber chickens. After 1,000 screenings, none has been found.

*** Join a Bed Push so a mannequin named Norm tied in restraints can escape.

[Later on that evening celebrate at a benefit by a MindFreedom sponsor group, Life & The Universe. The concert will be nearby at 7 pm, Fenario Gallery, 881 Willamette.]

Volunteer now at the MindFreedom office at 454 Willamette, Suite 216, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

ph: 541- 345-9106  email: lane@mindfreedom.org


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