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Lar L. is an enrolled Shield member who is being psychiatrically incarcerated. She wants to live independently in the community without the threat of being forcibly drugged. She has had horrible traumatizing past experiences of being over-medicated and sedated. Currently, she is in a restricted psychiatric facility called Antelope House and she is being subjected to a first generation ‘antipsychotic’ called Depixol (flupentixol) 10 mg tablets once at night in addition to Quetiapine (Seroquel) 50 mg. plus Now taking 3.75 mg Zopiclone sleeping tablet once at night for the past one week or 10 days.


The psychiatrist wants to subject her to another drug, an ‘antidepressant’ called Prozac (Fluoxetine)  because the first generation antipsychotic drug is causing her to be depressed. Dr. Reddy said to Lar that is she refuses to take Prozac (Fluoxetine) to treat her drug induced depression he will subject her to ECT. Lar asked Dr. Reddy, can I be switched to another second -generation ‘antipsychotic’ that doesn’t make me depressed/overly sedated the answer was only if it is ‘clozapine’ or you have to stay on Depixol.


Please act today! Call Lar’s psychiatrist and demand that Lar be given the choice to taper safely off any psychiatric drug she finds harmful or ineffective without threat of being shocked or forcibly drugged!

Demand that Lar be given the right to live independently in the community!


Write to:

Dr. Jaganatha Reddy

Call Dr, Reddy

44 023 8083-5511

44 023 8083 5575