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Judi’s Room

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

3:00 PM Pacific

4:00 PM Mountain

5:00 PM Central

6:00 PM Eastern & Atlantic Standard

6 AM Eastern Australia, 12 PM Hawaii, 7 PM Brazil Standard, 11 PM in Ireland & UK


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Becoming an Advocate for Change 


Congress, in 1986, found that individuals diagnosed with mental illness were and continue to be vulnerable to abuse, neglect, serious injury and lack of effective treatment, discharge planning and health care. States systems for monitoring compliance with respect to the rights of individuals labeled mentally ill varied widely and are frequently diluted heaps of inadequate hubris. Through the federal Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Act (PAIMI), Disability Rights Ohio serves adults, children and youth in public or private and state psychiatric hospitals. The federal mandate requires the establishment of an advisory council. The Disability Rights Ohio PAIMI Advisory Council advises Disability Rights Ohio on priorities and issues important to people receiving mental health services in Ohio and promotes recovery through increased access to client rights and advocacy services.

For more historical events related to PAIMI click HERE


Kristina Kapp, Main Presenter

Kristina Kapp (KK) serves as director of Ohio’s Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) and sits on the Disability Rights Ohio’s Board of Directors (P&A).  KK will describe the work of PAIMI and Protection & Advocacy agencies which are in every state.  The participation and recommendations of people with lived experience is mandated to be part of PAIMI.  In this meeting you will learn how to join PAIMIs and be an active advocate in creating a more effective mental health system that supports and honors a rights-based approach for all who struggle with psychosocial problems.

Ron Bassman, facilitator

Diagnosed with schizophrenia in my 20s and hospitalized twice for more than a year, I went on to earn my doctorate and became a licensed psychologist.  I believe that by writing and speaking my truth to power, I can challenge the misconceptions of both mental health professionals and the general public – and most importantly inspire fellow travelers.  My written works include the books, A Fight to Be: Experiences From Both Sides of the Locked Door and Exploring Identities of Psychiatric Survivor Therapists: Beyond Us and Them. My current work is centered on community inclusion and social justice.


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Judi’s Room is named after Judi Chamberlin, well known human rights leader. Judi’s Room is an educational series jointly presented by MindFreedom International and I Love You, Lead On . It takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. If you would like to receive monthly reminders/invitations to Judi’s Room email and write ‘Add Me to Judi’s Room” in the subject heading