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Wednesday, March 3

6:00 PM EST

4:00 PM MT

3:00 PM PST

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About this Event:

Rights, Informed Consent, and How to Protect Ourselves

The topic of rights and informed consent is important because many individuals today are being subjected to harmful psychiatric interventions not of their own choosing, either in psychiatric facilities or in the community. They are not given choices or alternatives. Many are under court ordered ‘treatment’ and they risk going back to the hospital or even jail if they do not comply. Others are at risk of losing important social supports if they are not ‘treatment compliant.’ Join us to discuss the important things we can do to protect our rights today and in the future


Three presenters will share how their lives were impacted by lack of choices in the mental health system and how this discovery led them to their current life’s work which is to promote human rights in the mental health system.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 6:00 EST, 4:00 MT, 3:00 PT

Facilitator: Susan Musante MS, LPCC. Susan was the founding director of Soteria-Alaska, a model proven to be a highly effective alternative to hospitalization for newly diagnosed people, and of CHOICES an alternative to conventional community mental health services directed and provided primarily by people who themselves have a “lived experience” with recovery.  She is a leader, educator and advocate for the development of voluntary, informed, compassionate supports and services that work.  She has worked in universities, community-based centers and consumer-run services.  She has educated peer practitioners and masters level practitioners.  Currently she is involved in advocacy and development projects as a contracted consultant.  Her commitment is to respect the “lived experience” and support recovery.

Jim Gottstein. Jim is the author of The Zyprexa Papers and founder of PsychRights whose mission is to mount a strategic litigation campaign against forced psychiatric drugging and electroshock. 

Ron Bassman. Ron is a Psychiatric Survivor who was twice hospitalized for schizophrenia, later earned his PhD in psychology and is currently the Executive Director of MindFreedom International.

Sarah Smith. Sarah is currently a staff member of MindFreedom International and is one of the founding members of Rethinking Psychiatry. Previously, she served as the Development Director for Catholic Community Services and as a Development professional for a host of other non-profit organizations, including Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, Returning Veterans Project, and Community Supported Shelters. She is the mother of a psychiatric survivor.

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