MindFreedom invites you to celebrate your Mad Pride! MindFreedom is “Screening the World for Normality “! Here’s how you can participate! Get your rubber chicken ready!

"Screen the World for Normality"

A great way to “Screen for Normality” is with a rubber chicken.

Martin Luther King called for creating an “International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment.”

Mad Pride is helping this “IAACM” vision come true!

Join us!

Please consider helping to “Screen the World For Normality.”

Please turn the tables on a mental health industry that wants to screen YOU and everyone for mental health problems. This is the ultimate “anti-stigma” campaign.


You can screen yourself for normality for free with this Normality Self-Test.

For photos of the screening of the American Psychiatric Association headquarters click here.

You may participate in the normality screening campaign anywhere! It’s especially fun if you can get to any of the many anchor kick-off events being held in several nations: USA, Belgium, UK, Australia. But you really can be odd anywhere.

For more info about the “IAACM” plus ideas and tips about how you can participate anywhere, including a video of a simple “normality screening” skits using a rubber chicken, click here:


Here are some of the kick-off events this October 2007!


David Oaks keynoted at West Chester University in Pennsylvania on the evening of Tuesday, 9 October 2007. was a free event. For more info go to:


Or download this PDF poster from West Chester University:



We did indeed screen the American Psychiatric Association headquarters for normality!

For photos of the screening of the American Psychiatric Association headquarters click here.

The date of 11 October 2007 is widely considered “Mental Health Screening Day.”

The mental health industry encourages everyone to take a simple quiz. Sounds good. But without information, advocacy, and alternatives, screening can lead to human rights violations such as over-drugging.

We held nonviolent Mad Pride IAACM events on that day, and that week.

At noon, on Thursday, 11 October 2007, in Arlington, Virginia, with MindFreedom board member and psychologist Al Galves and MindFreedom director David Oaks, several MindFreedom members screened the American Psychiatric Association main office building in Arlington, Virginia. We screened for “normality.” If there is normality, would it not be in this building, the arbiter of “normality”? No normality was found.

You can help lead similar nonviolent guerilla theater about “screening for normality.”

As Bonkersfest in UK puts it, “Denormalization is the next civil rights movement!”

After screening the APA building, participants attended the ICSPP conference in Arlington, VA, starting on 13 October 2007. MindFreedom had its MadMarket there, and David Oaks was one of the keynoters. The topic: The Universal Mental Health Screening and Drugging of Our Children: Dangers vs. Benefits” For more info go to http://www.icspp.org


The Alternatives Conference: Screen for Normality!

At 1:30 pm, on Thursday, 11 October, 2007, there was a half hour break in the huge Alternatives Conference held this year in St. Louis.

Two groups gathered together for a photo opportunity, and screened for normality!

This event was independent from, though friendly with and supportive of, the Alternatives 2007 conference.

For more information about this normality screening, participants dropped by the MindFreedom Exhibit Table at Alternatives 2007.

For info on the Alternatives 2007 conference itself see: http://www.alternatives2007.org/


The famous Patch Adams has been part of MindFreedom since 1992. Patch was one of the main participants in an event changing the entire health system, that includes Bowen White, author of the book “Why Normal Isn’t Healthy.” For more info go to:



Australia held a Mad Pride IAACM event in October 2007. For a news release and PDF of a colorful poster from Mad Pride 2007 events in Australia click here.


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM held a Mad Pride event earlier in the week. Dan Taylor, a representative from MindFreedom Ghana, plans to attend.


Mad Pride-cum-Bonkersfest,  Leeds

A Celebration of Individuality, Positive Survival, Anti- Stigma, & Human Rights in Mental Health
was held Monday 8th October 2007.

The Program: 6pm Welcome. Refreshments and  Snacks.

Free Normality Screening – get yourself checked out for those  warning signs

7pm Open Mic Survivors Poetry, esp Mad Pride  themes and liberation from stigma/ mental slavery

The  Schizos – local  legends

Music from Cabbage Patch  Dread

License for  real ales, wines

The Common Place

Leeds Autonomous Radical Social  Centre
23-25 Wharf Street, LS2 7EQ. Tel: 0845 345  7334
Off Call Lane
Please Tell  Everyone!
This  event is supported by the Radical Mental Health Project, who need volunteer  activists. If interested contact Emma on 0113 2745633 or e-mail to:  Radicalmentalhealthleeds@gmail.com

Mad Pride! Be a leader in MLK’s IAACM today!

For more information about the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment and MAD PRIDE, including a video about how to do a “Normality Screening Skit” go here:


Need a normality screening kit? You can get one here:


CONTEST: MindFreedom will give a free prizes — including $100 in MAD MARKET gifts — to the best YouTube video from any 2007 Mad Pride IAACM! Just use the keyword IAACM in your YouTube video, and tell us about it. Esteemed mad judges will pick in Jan. 2007.

Disclaimer: Listing of MAD PRIDE and related events is for information purposes only. A group listed is not necessarily a member, sponsor or affiliate of MindFreedom, and listing is not necessarily an endorsement of the group.