When New Zealand psychiatrist du Fresne tried to stop a TV station from interviewing a survivor of her own forced electroshock, the public was outraged. A court ruled that Dr. du Fresne had no legal leg to stand on.

Psychiatrist Stephanie du Fresne forcibly electroshock clients, and then tries to silence them, in The Ashburn Clinic in Dunedin, New Zealand.


New Zealand Shock Doctor Defeated

Dr. Stephanie du Fresne gives forced electroshock in New Zealand. One of her patients was out on a day pass and visited a TV station to tell her story of forced electroshock.

Dr. du Fresne filed a complaint against the TV station for supposedly violating the rights of the shock survivor!

On 7 February 2008, New Zealand court ruled that Dr. du Fresne’s attempt to censor her own patient’s cry for freedom has no legal basis.

You may read the court decision, along with our original MindFreedom alert, here:


We asked  Anna De Jonge of New Zealand from PRAW, a sponsor group of MindFreedom International, to comment:

Victory for Free Speech

by Anna de Jonge of PRAW

Patients Rights Advocacy Waikato Incorporated is pleased about this victory for free speech.

The patient wanted the whole world to know what they are doing, i.e., Electro Convulsive Shocking her against refusal.

The psychiatrists maintain that Electro Convulsive Shock is good for the patient, while the evident shows it is doing irreversible damage.

In New Zealand, the Mental Health Act 1992, as the law stands, Section 59 and Section 60 allow them to shock a patient against refusal.

We want Electro Convulsive Shock stopped.

Patients Rights Advocacy made it clear to parliament that we want forced Electro Convulsive Shock outlawed. We have support from the Human Rights Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan <rosslynn@hrc.co.nz> and the Health and
Disability Commissioner Ron Patterson <hdc@hdc.org.nz>

We want Section 59, Section 60 and Section 122 removed from the Mental Health Act 1992.

Section 122, give them an excuse from criminal responsibility if they act in good faith.  Good faith,  cannot be established in law.

Anna de Jonge
Patients Rights Advocate
65 Tawa Street
New Zealand
Ph:+64 7 843 5837
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To send civil comments to the institution to fire Dr. du Fresne, here is their web site:


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