Helping to keep alive the memory of David Romprey: Psychiatric survivor, mental health consumer, advocate, activist, friend.

David Romprey Testifies Before the Oregon Senate in 2007

Updates on remembering David Romprey

David Romprey was a long-time community organizer/psychiatric survivor/mental health consumer based in Salem, Oregon. David was also a major supporter of MindFreedom.


31 July 2009: One year and one day after David Romprey died, a bench dedication and tree planting will take place at the location of his death. For more information, click here.

30 July 2009: MindFreedom asks State of Oregon to respond to the question, “Why Zero?” Why for nearly seven years is the State of Oregon one of the few states with zero support for the statewide voice of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors? We’ve asked the State of Oregon to respond by today, one year after Mr. Romprey left us. We think David R. would appreciate it.

17 September 2008: Additional photographs of David have been posted.

Online Memorial: You may leave your memories and review others’ at an online Virtual Memorial that MindFreedom started on behalf of the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition. Please leave your remembrance in the “guest book.” If you have photos and other material to add, contact MindFreedom.

To visit the online memorial for David Romprey click here:

Friends of David have established a fund for David’s childrenMaxwell and Eleanor. Donations should be marked clearly to the DavidRomprey Memorial Trust Fund and sent to 1201 Court Street NE #302,Salem, OR 97301 USA.

8 August 2008: The Salem Statesman Journal newspaper covered the memorial service for David Romprey.

Memorial service planned for David Romprey on Thursday, 7 August, 2008, click here.

7 August 2008: Statesman Journal ran an obituary for David Romprey.

1 August 2008: Statesman Journal newspaper ran an article about David Romprey.


by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

This morning I received the overwhelmingly sad news that my friend, long-time activist David Romprey of Salem, Oregon, died suddenly last night, on 30 July 2008.

We are all still reeling from the news. This is just a brief notice, of course more later. I especially think of David’s two young children at this time, as well as the many, many close friends and colleagues David worked with. If you know of any who may not have heard the news — or just to exchange support — please phone them.

Tragically, David Romprey was just about to start his job with the State of Oregon on 4 August 2008 in the new three-year “Peer Bridger” program to help those he was most passionate about — those locked in psychiatric institutions — to integrate into the community.

Last month I had written a letter of recommendation at his request about this job. A few points especially stand out now: “He especially emphasizes the importance of inclusion of extremely low income and marginalized people actually in the state psychiatric system. David has been a bridge builder between those who currently use the mental health system, and those who have been traumatized by human rights violations in the mental health system. I especially appreciate David’s work as a consultant in the groundwork for building the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition on behalf of the National Empowerment Center.”

My fondest memories of David R. was when he attended a protest a few years ago on Bastille Day. We had created a cardboard replica of the Bastille, and dressed up for fun. When the Bastille was destroyed, David R. took great joy in continuing to jump up and down on it, and I will always remember his humor and power and dedication. (See “Related Content” at bottom for links to photos of that event.)


BELOW is a statement from Rebecca Eichorn, president of the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition.

AT BOTTOM is a statement from Michael Hlebechuk of the State of Oregon.


From: Rebecca Eichorn —
Subject:  [OCSC-news] Sad News
Date:  July 31, 2008 10:26:11 AM PDT


Many of you have heard the news, but for those of you that have not, I am sad to announce that we have lost a true member of the Consumer/Survivor movement. Dave Romprey died last night of what is believed to be natural causes.

Jim Russell of the BCN stated it correctly — “A Hole in the world.” That is truly what David has left. David left us last night in body but certainly not in spirit. As I sit here typing this notice I canâ t help but reflect over the past 10 years that I have known David. For me David can be summed up in one word-Passion! Passion for Life, Passion for change, Passion for those still suffering, Passion for his friends and Passion for his family. He has left a legacy and a baton to be passed.

He is Truly missed.

Rebecca Eichhorn,
Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition


[BELOW was sent by Michael Hlebechuk to the statewide “PeerLinc” e-mail list. Info about joining this e-mail list is at bottom.]
From: Michael.Hlebechuk@STATE.OR.US
 Subject: Sad News – Please Read
 Date: July 31, 2008 9:34:11 AM PDT

Dear Members and Friends of the Consumer/Survivor Movement:

We have lost a good friend and great force in creating positive change. David Romprey died while pulling his car out of his driveway Wednesday night. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but seems to have been sudden and of natural causes.

David was a good friend to many of us and a powerful agent of change in transforming the mental health system toward a recovery orientation. His passion in systems advocacy was known to many of us. His frequent e-mails kept us abreast with issues of importance. David’s many accomplishments have left the system, and all of us, better off for his work. He will be missed.

Please use this e-mail forum as you see fit to remember David Romprey.


Michael Hlebechuk

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