Diagnosis and labeling of mental health and illness

Contemporary and historical approaches to the art of mental health diagnosis

Link “Psychiatry: Medical Fraud or Incompetence”
This artricle is a critique of psychiatry’s diagnostic practices, extracted from the work of Bonnie Sigren Busick, RN, MA and Martha Gorman originally published in 1986, delving into issues surrounding the fact that there are (still, to this day) no evidence of biochemical markers, biological tests, or hard evidence to “prove” the existence of “mental illness.”
Link “Psych meds drove my son crazy”
A Salon.com article by Ann Bauer, in which she describes a story of hope and recovery in the wake of her son’s experiences with depression and psychiatric misdiagnosis.
File “Rethinking the Potential of the Brain in Major Psychiatric Disorders”
This article, by Steven Morgan, is a critical reevaluation of the theory that the brain is permanantly diseasedin psychiatric disorders, and an exploration of the role that neuroplasticity plays in healing and reviving its functioning. It was published in February 2008.
Page Psychiatric leaders note lack of science for psychiatric theories
A MindFreedom member forwards these quotes from leaders in the psychiatric profession who point out that science is still lacking for the neurobiological theories in the mental health field that many falsely assume have been proven.
Link “Pathologizing Your Period” by Paula Caplan, Ms. Magazine, December 2008
Psychologist and author Paula Caplan, a long-time member of MindFreedom International, examines the fraud and sexism involved in creating psychiatry’s “label bible,” it’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).
Article Should bitterness become a mental disorder?
In the magazine Psychology Today, Professor Christopher Lane has a brief essay skewering one of the latest misadventures of the psychiatric industry, in which the American Psychiatric Association is seriously considering adding “bitterness” to one of their so-called scientific list of labels. Why not just add “dissent” and be done with it? Professor Lane is the author of Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness.
Event EleMental – First USA Meeting (Aurora, Colorado, USA, from Jul 27, 2009 04:00 PM to Jul 27, 2009 07:00 PM)
The first meeting in the United States of EleMental, an international organization introducing and developing the elements of Recovery and Thriving.
Article Mental health Trojan horse – It’s enough to make anyone sick
The conservative newspaper Washington Times published this guest column by two professors concerned that psychiatry’s unscientific labeling may harm attempts to implement universal health care in the USA.
Image Dr. Allen Frances: “Vocal Opposition” to MindFreedom Protest
Dr. Allen Frances was a key architect of the current American Psychiatric Association “label bible” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM IV). Dr. Frances became one of the main critics of APA’s proposed DSM 5. But a MindFreedom investigation revealed that – behind the scenes – Dr. Frances has “vocally oppose” the protest led by psychiatric survivors in front of the APA on 5 May 2012.

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