His psychiatrist claimed Glen K. could not function without involuntary electroshock. But after litigation by his attorney and a campaign by MindFreedom in Spring 2012, Glen K. was able to stop his forced electroshock. More than six months later, defying the dire predictions, Glen K. is getting out of the institution and into a community home. Congratulations Glen K.! Here’s an announcement from Glen K.’s attorney, approved by Glen K., emailed to David Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International.

Celebratory message via Glen’s attorney Dennis Feld, approved by Glen:


From: “Dennis Feld” 

Date: 19 November 2012 3:13:52 PM PST

Subject: Glen K.



Another basis to celebrate! 

After the Court of Public Opinion helped halt Glen K.from being subject to the balance of 120 electro-shocks over his adamant objection, and despite the dire predictions made by his hospital psychiatrists as to his mental health and even his life if this “therapeutic intervention” was discontinued or even temporarily disrupted, Glen K. was discharged from the inpatient units at Rockland Psychiatric Center to a community residence. His ability to successfully live outside of the  four walls of his inpatient unit was regained by the cessation of this most  drastic remedy of ECT .

Please know that the above message was read to Glen and he gave his consent and approval  to pass it on to you fully appreciating that you would likely post it on your web-site. 

 My best regards, Dennis


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