In Memoriam

Folder Thomas Szasz, MD, dissident psychiatrist, died at age 92
Thomas Szasz was an author, psychiatrist, academic and significant critic of his own mental health profession. He has died at the age of 92.
Folder Lynne Salvi Remembered
Lynne Salvi arrived at the MindFreedom office in the Summer of 2011, and attended quite a few meetings. She was passionate about speaking out regarding her abuse in the mental health system. She admitted to having severe mental and emotional problems, but said she could not find the help she wanted in the traditional system. Lynne died when her car went off a bridge in Portland on 23 Sept. 2011.
News Item Al Siebert, alternative mental health psychologist and psychiatric survivor, dead at 75.
Long-time MindFreedom member and supporter Al Siebert has died at the age of 75. Al was well known as a psychologist, author and lecturer on the topic of resiliency, and surviving even the most traumatic of events. His books on resiliency and mental health alternatives were very popular. What is less known is that Al as a graduate student experienced the psychiatric system and a diagnosis of “schizophrenia,” but after a few days escaped the institution, and went on to his successful career. Once he was established, Al later self-published a little-known book about how he personally survived the psychiatric system.
Folder Kate Waterbury: 12/18/1942 to 2/18/2009
Kate Waterbury was a long-time supporter of MindFreedom International, and a friend of MFI director, David Oaks. Kate supported wholistic and empowering care not only in the mental health system, and in health care in general.
Link Commentaries on Virginia Tech and Mental Health
Four perspectives on the Virginia Tech shootings tragedy and mental health, from Access Press, June 10, 2007.
Folder Terence McLaughlin
Information about the life and work of Terence McLaughlin.
Folder Ruby Rogers
Ruby Rogers, made famous in the landmark case Rogers v. Okin that helped to establish informed consent laws for psychiatric patients, has died. She was 71.
Folder David Romprey
Information about the life and work of David Romprey.
Article Anniversaries are for Remembering: David Hilton, Visionary Movement Leader
A friend reflects on the anniversary of the death of David Hilton of New Hampshire, a national leader in the mental health consumer/psychiatric survivor movement. David was also a long-time supporter of MindFreedom, and was a solidarity hunger-striker in the 2003 MindFreedom Fast for Freedom in Mental Health. .
Folder Pete Shaughnessy, co-founder of Mad Pride concept
Here is information about the late Pete Shaughnessy of UK, a charismatic leader who is widely considered one of the founders of the Mad Pride concept.

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