The humorous satire publication The Onion slyly challenges excess and human rights violations in the mental health system in many creative fictional ways, that seem all too-true. Here are some examples. [Updated 22 Dec. 2010]

Examples of The Onion satire skewering psychiatric ridiculousness:



Check out links below to some of the ‘mental health’ related satire in The Onion (disclaimer: author responsible for content).


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Onion humor satirizing psychiatric industry:


– Psychiatric Tome Getting Long-Awaited Update,15884/


– New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths,2870/

– Suicide Attempts A Desperate Cry For Death,395/




– Teen TV Habits Linked To Adult Depression,15650/

– Antipsychotics Can Make Kids Fat,15853/

-This Would Be The Best Mental Hospital Ever If Elliott Gould Weren’t Hiding In The Toilet,11508/



– FDA Approves Sale Of Prescription Placebo:

– New drug induces love of pharmaceutical companies:

– US is a victim of abuse in its “formative years”:

– Voices in man’s head give great tips about ‘time management’:

– Brain chemicals hold the owner hostage:

– God diagnosed with ‘bipolar disorder’:

– Testing theater goers for PTSD:

– Children being tested for “youthful tendency disorder”:

You may also find the text on the MFI site.

– Totally Hot Chick Also Way Psycho:



– Pharmaceutical company calls its new drug “dumb”

– A debate about whether suicide attempts are a “cry for help”:

– Losers are most likely to be hit by suicide:

– President Bush called “ineffectual and incompetent” in his talks with God:

– Freshman Psych Student Diagnoses Roommate With Bipolar Disorder

– 73 Percent Of U.S. Livestock Show Signs Of Clinical Depression

– Alex Rodriguez Placed On Emotionally Disabled List

– Report: Many Rappers May Suffer From Unrealistically High Self-Images


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