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Portland Hearing Voices and HVN-USA present:  Hearing Voices Group Facilitation Training
JUNE 2, 3, 4th 2015

In this 3-day training, voice hearers and people who experience otherextreme/altered states come together with people who have not experienced thesestates. The result is a powerful, diversified environment for learning, and asolid foundation for setting up and facilitating groups. Peers, professionalsand allies are welcome: priority to those committed tocreating a group.

This Hearing Voices Facilitators Training,presented by Oryx Cohen and Kate Hill, will give you the skills and knowledgeto run Hearing Voices and Extreme States support groups!

Hearing Voices Groups (also called Voices, Visions and Extreme Statesgroups) are a peer-led place to share and explore voices and any other kind ofunusual and extreme experience, in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.These states are sometimes labeled psychosis, but HVN embraces a much widerview of human possibility.

To receive an application, please

Applications due 4/17/ 15, selected traineeswill be notified by 5/15/15

Trainees are responsible for their owntravel, lodging and meals.

Cost: $300 (Please let us know if youneed financial assistance)

Location: Portland, OR (specificlocation to be determined)

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