We at MFI envision the replacement of the dominant biomedical model of psychiatry with various humane and empowering models of mental health care. The flourishing of such services, groups, philosophies, and products will allow for genuine freedom of choice among mental health care consumers.

To be listed in our directory of mental health care providers, all individuals, groups, and agencies must agree to uphold the principles outlined below, which set providers apart from conventional services.



Our endorsed practitioners, groups, and agencies…

  • Do not tell people that they suffer from irreversible genetic and/or biochemical abnormalities. Instead, our providers believe that recovery, growth, and change are extremely probable, especially given the right conditions.
  • Never pressure people into taking psychiatric drugs or into getting off them.
  • Give people complete information about the risks and benefits of psychiatric drugs as well as the risks and benefits of alternatives.
  • Respect people’s decision to discontinue using psychiatric drugs. If it is within the provider’s scope of practice, they will help individuals taper off psychiatric drugs safely. If it is not with the provider’s scope of practice, they will proactively seek practitioners to aid in this process.
  • Do not use psychiatric drugs as the primary treatment modality.
  • Do not use psychiatric diagnoses as the primary way of understanding and relating to people.
  • Are willing to have a collaborative dialogue about any diagnosis.
  • Recognize and uphold the rights of people to conduct their lives free from coercive treatment.

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