picture of activist and psychiatric survivor Judi Chamberlin as a young woman

View a recording of “Rights, Informed Consent, and How We Can Protect Ourselves”, part of a free, online educational series/discussion group in the spirit of Judi Chamberlin hosted in collaboration between MindFreedom International and ‘I Love You, Lead On”

View recording below Wednesday, March 3 6:00 PM EST 4:00 PM MT 3:00 PM PST This event has already taken place. To view a recording of this event, click HERE About this Event: Rights, Informed Consent, and How to Protect Ourselves The topic of rights and informed consent is important because many individuals today are being…

Jim Gottstein, founder of PsychRights and author of the ‘Zyprexa Papers’ is interviewed by Dr. Peter Breggin in “The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour” plus a link to an excellent review of the “Zyprexa Papers’ published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

MFI’s Executive Director, Ron Bassman had this to say about Jim’s new book, “I strongly recommend without any reservations the new book by Jim Gottstein. Jim has been at tireless warrior for human rights – especially for those of us who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness and have been forced to undergo treatments that are against our expressed wishes. His book The Zyprexa Papers describes the power and influence of Big Pharma through Jim’s personal story of challenging the road blocks within the legal system and it’s powerful alliance with Psychiatry. “