MFI Support Coalition: Launch Resources

Below is a basic comprehensive guide about MFI’s Support Coalition. This is a living document, your suggestions are very welcome. Please visit this again. 

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Organizational Structure
Application Process
Statement on Privacy and Discretion

Organizational Structure

Within MindFreedom International’s Support Coalition, there are two primary groups: Sponsors and Affiliates.

A Sponsor is a pre-existing organization that agrees to support and endorse MFI’s goals, but does not include “MindFreedom” in its name. Typically, a Sponsor group is an independent nonprofit or community-based organization.

An Affiliate uses the “MindFreedom” name and is similar to a chapter structure. Affiliates can be based on local geography/region (e.g., MindFreedom Ghana), shared interests (e.g., Prisoner Rights),** campaign, affinity, etc.

Both Affiliates and Sponsors support the mission and goals of MFI. Both receive the same benefits, such as access to the MindFreedom Support Coalition meetings, workshops, and webinars. Lastly, both have an assigned Liaison (contact point-person) on the MindFreedom Support Coalition International Advisory Council (IAC), which provides suggestions to the MFI Board about strategy and campaigns.

Each Sponsor and Affiliate group has a Liaison, who is the primary point of contact between the broader MFI organizational structure and the individual group. All members of Affiliate and Sponsor groups are welcome to join in on Support Coalition events, including our semi-annual meetings and workshops, regardless of whether or not they are a Liaison.

All MindFreedom International members, including its Support Coalition, ultimately report to the MFI Board of Directors.

For a full list of MindFreedom Sponsors and Affiliates, please click here.

** Before, a MindFreedom Affiliate was based only on region or geography. Now, MindFreedom is expanding so that Affiliates can include participants from anywhere, based on shared interests, campaigns, topics, and/or affinities. If your cause is looking to expand its reach and partner with others all over the world in creating psychiatric change, please consider becoming an Affiliate. MFI is now incorporating interest-based groups, under MindFreedom’s mission for change. If you are interested, please submit an application. If you are unsure whether your group fits MFI and/or would like guidance, please reach out to


To create a MindFreedom Affiliate group, you must have an MFI membership. In order to apply and/or renew your membership, please click here.

Application Process

If you are interested in being part of the MFI Support Coalition, please request an application form to become an MFI Sponsor or Affiliate by emailing

After filling out the application in full, you will be contacted by the MFI Office and/or a member of our Intern Team to collaborate on the next steps.

Depending on the date of application, you may be tentatively approved as an Affiliate and/or Sponsor until the Board of Directors meets to formally review and accept your application. If you receive tentative approval from MFI (rather than official approval from the Board of Directors), you may begin operating as a Support Coalition group for all intents and purposes. Your status will be communicated clearly to you by the MFI team.

Statement on Privacy and Discretion

Given the sensitive work MFI and our community does, Support Coalition members are expected to practice privacy and discretion in all MFI-related business. MFI values and respects your right to privacy. MFI will be very clear in terms of how your information is used, such as private information for MFI staff internal use only, and public information which is requested for the MFI Support Coalition Directory.

Part of respecting your privacy includes the possibility for an Affiliate to obtain an official MindFreedom email address, for use instead of your private email address. This can be discussed after you finish applying to start a MindFreedom Affiliate. 

If you are ever hesitant about sharing information and/or whether you are allowed to share MFI-related information with the general public, a best practice is to reach out to us at for clarification.

MFI Support Coalition members should not share individual member contact information with the general public unless consent from that member is provided. Likewise, all members are expected to follow the general mission and goals of MFI.

Should a conflict arise, whether on the topics of privacy and discretion, or more broadly within groups in general, MFI has a protocol in place in order to assist in mediation - please reach out to begin this process. Depending on the circumstances, there is an attorney associated with MFI available for the Board’s consultation.

When your group is an active part of Support Coalition, please keep in mind that your activities may reflect on both MFI and other groups in the Support Coalition. When working on MFI-related events, your actions need to be consistent with MFI’s commitment to social justice.

By being a part of MFI and/or the Support Coalition, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. Breaches in privacy and discretion may result in action by MFI, including but not limited to the potential suspension of your group from the Support Coalition until the matter is resolved. Applicants for the Support Coalition are entering an agreement between themselves, their group, and MFI.