2008 Events

This folder contains Mad Pride event announcements and related material for 2008.

News Item Mad Pride 2008 Events in Seven Nations
Already, Mad Pride events are being planned in seven nations. Mad Pride celebrates the right of all human beings not to be “normal”! That means you! After a decade of activity, Mad Pride events are gaining altitude as never before. Join in or start Mad Pride 2008 events today — large or small!
News Item Patch Adams, MD Agrees to be New Chair of the “IAACM”!
This day, 21 January 2008, is the official national holiday in the USA to celebrate the life of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who would have turned 79 last week. Just moments ago, Patch Adams, MD phoned up MindFreedom International from his home in Virginia. Patch agreed to be the new chair of a dream MLK had that never came true: The IAACM. That’s the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment,
News Item Mad Pride 2008 updates
Here are a few of the upcoming anchor events for Mad Pride 2008. Mad Pride has celebrated human diversity and creative maladjustment for a decade, and now you can participate anywhere!
Article Mad pride giving voice to mentally ill
The global news wire service United Press International (UPI) picked up the New York Times story about the “mad pride” movement.

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