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For many years, Karen Taylor and Ron Coleman, co-founders of Working to Recovery in the United Kingdom, traveled internationally conducting workshops on alternative ways of understanding and working with individuals who hear voices or experience extreme states .

Due to health reasons, Ron Coleman is no longer able to travel internationally, but his wife Karen continues to travel outside Europe, bringing Working to Recovery’s unique blend of hope and practical wisdom based on decades of lived experience.

MindFreedom International is proud to sponsor ‘Creative Psychosis’ by Karen Taylor during her only West Coast visit on November 23 (Tacoma Washington area) and November 26 (Portland, Oregon).

Creative psychosis is a one-day practice workshop that will explore how we can use voice dialogue, body dialogue and voice sculpting — ways of working that can enable clients to explore the most difficult parts of their distress in a safe and secure environment. It is rooted in a narrative approach and builds on the work of Micheal and Cheryl White, Marius Romme and Sandra Escher, Eleanor Longdon, Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer, and Dirk Corstens.

Karen Taylor Makes a rare Visit to North America this November to teach two workshops called ‘Creative Psychosis’ in Oregon and Washington.

Taylor and Coleman have been successfully using these techniques with voice hearers, people who see visions, people with belief systems that are different, and other extreme states. They have also found it useful for clients with the label of Borderline. Moving beyond the concept of illness to one of well-being is for Taylor and Coleman a process that will be explored during the workshop, breaking it down to series of interactive conversations and exercises that participants will be able to use in their work or lives. A more detailed biography for Karen Taylor can be found HERE

Participants will cover:

What is Voice Dialogue and How do we use it? What is Body Dialogue and How do we use it? What is Voice Sculpting and how do we use it? How to create a safe environment. How to take the work forward with confidence.

Other co-sponsors besides MindFreedom include Folktime, Rethinking Psychiatry, and Healing Field. Although the workshop is not free, scholarships are available for people with lived experience and the event organizer (who can be reached at is making every effort to ensure that no-one will be turned away due to lack of means.

Registration for the Portland workshop on November 26 is HERE and registration for the Tacoma area workshop is HERE. A printable flyer for this workshop is HERE. Please share with your friends!