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Photo of Brian Henley

Update on 7/27/2021

Here is a recording of a voicemail left by Brian on the phone of Michele Diamond, when Brian learned that his Shield alert was successful and that he would be discharged


MFI has confirmed that Brian was discharged. You can listen to Update on 7/14/21. Great news! The forced shocking of Brian Henley has been suspended! Thank you for writing letters, making phone calls, and sending emails! Your actions made a difference! Michelle will be issuing a statement soon letting you know when we can expect Brian to be discharged.


Update to Alert 7/8/2021 (Previous updates from  7/1/2021, 6/25/2021, and prior have been removed for brevity)

Note: Updates on 7/8/2021 compliments of Michele Diamond, Patient Advocate for US Civil and Human Rights who agreed to serve as the the volunteer Shield campaign manager for Brian Henley. 

After the reading Michele’s updates below, MFI recommends taking specific action to stop the shocking, by force, of Brian Henley today. To view recommended actions, scroll down to


Wondering what to say when taking action? View examples of other people’s letters/emails/complaints by scrolling down to “EXAMPLES OF ACTIONS TAKEN ON BEHALF OF BRIAN HENLEY”

Any questions or comments about this campaign? Post them our SHIELD FEED HERE located at the very bottom of this PAGE You should also post what actions you took on the feed This allows us to archive your actions and the responses you receive.



1) Response and acknowledgment from the Florida Governor’s office received. They have forwarded the information to the 2 appropriate agencies for follow-up. View letter from Inspector General HERE but do not share (Redactions are solely to protect the personal information of Shield member who filed the complaint) and discretion is requested so as not to derail the investigation which may include an unannounced visit.

2) Brian was subjected, by force, to his 10th ECT but said 9th last night on Michele’s voicemail. (According to Michelle the 10th because Friday would have been 12 if there wasn’t a holiday.) His calls have shortened in length since Monday 7/5. No calls to Michele from Monday evening to Wednesday evening when he did leave a message. (I thought due to the hurricane in Florida) but no answer to the hospital phones Monday evening and Tuesday evening.

(He is forgetting things, mixing up his words, he can’t find some words, and has been repeating himself since the ECT treatments began.) But, he still sounds very clear.

3) A passcode was put onto all of Brain’s incoming calls as of Tuesday 6/29 without his awareness. He was informed by me on Wed. 6/30 after probing evening staff for information and his suspicions were true that they were blocking his calls. Shield members: Please remember that this is a violation of patient rights and please include this in your letters/complaints/calls/emails


4) A 3-way conference call took place with Dr. Lim the Administrator that oversees Psych Dept. at UF Health Shands and the Pt. Safety department last week although they could not elaborate on anything whatsoever nor talk about anything regarding Brian. I responded that I did not know why the call took place then and that the call was then unsuccessful and there has been no resolution to the issues of concern. They were both questioned why there was a passcode calling into Brain without his awareness, placed on his communications on Tuesday 6/29 the day after they received the Complaint and Grievance. It was made clear during the call that this is a clear Patient Rights violation by restricting his phone calls. Dr. Lim had no further comments. But the call was still a success and the response was very shocking to receive one at all.


4) Emails and calls to MHA – Mental Health Association have all been ignored after 5 attempts. The Ombudsman refuses to do her job of investigating with the hospital. If someone wants to continue to file complaints through their website this would be helpful because its documented through the website messages. Walton County MHA. (see directions below for contacting this agency)


5) A request for a Social Worker to meet with Brian happened on Monday 7/5 by a message left for Pt. Experience at Shands. I asked if they can talk to Brian regarding his housing situation and asked them to look into a housing subsidy for him. He would only pay 30% of his income towards rent, not his whole check. The government has released billions or trillions of dollars toward housing and rental assistance just last month to states. Brain has been entitled to housing assistance and I am in agreement with Brain that the Assisted Living situation is not a healthy place for him to live and the treatment has not been a success according to Brain.


6) Multiple calls have been placed out to Risk Management as he is the contact person regarding all these matters. I have STRONGLY voiced our opinion and the facts of this harm and injustice, stating that “we” speak to him daily and it’s obvious that the guardian does not care about his health (his guardian had Zero contact with him for the first 3 weeks) She hasn’t heard what we hear daily nor had she been able to observe his deterioration in Brian’s health. It was communicated that all of these concerns will be addressed although no response can really be made. The last conversation happened with the point of contact Friday 7/2.


7)  Morgan and Morgan attorney’s (The largest law firm in the world) took Brian’s intake the other day from me and I just gave them his number at the East Wing at the nurses station to speak with him directly. They need to speak with him directly now. I’m sure this is going to ruffle some more feathers. For those who pray, please pray consistently for Brian and that Justice is served, he goes home, gets well and if the legal case can move forward, it will turn out for his benefit and benefit those that come after him.


8) I was just told by Ann Fuller (mother of psychiatric survivor Charles Helmer) that they started Brian on a new drug. I haven’t spoken to him yet but maybe they have finally prescribed him the Gabapentin he has been asking for. Just maybe they are actually giving the medical attention he should have had from day 1. Still no x-ray of his shoulder from the fall before the ER trip.


9) Brain has communicated all along that he has a heart condition which could possibly be deadly for him to be undergoing these procedures with the risk of heart complications as a major side effect.


An update will follow on 7/15 Michele Diamond



View and Download:
Comprehensive List of Actions by Michele Diamond HERE


Contact the Doc Who is Shocking Brian Henley by Force:

Dr. Richard Holbert MD

Background of Dr. Holbert HERE

Call him at his first workplace


Send emails to Dr. Holbert at his university workplace l:

Write to him at one or more of his following personal email addresses

Write formal letters:

Dr. Richard Holbert MD

UF Health Psychiatric Hospital

4101 NW 89th Blvd

Gainesville, FL 32606



Contact CEO of Health Shands, the network of hospitals that is shocking Brian:

Write: Edward Jimenez

Call: Edward Jimenez

(352) 733-1500


Contact the ombudsman

According to Frank Blankenship, the ombudsman in Florida is associated with Mental Health America (the organization that uses a liberty bell as their symbol) Let them know that Brian Henley is being subjected by force to shock, euphemistically known as ‘ECT’ or ‘electro-convulsive therapy’ a ‘treatment’ that is extremely controversial and known to be harmful, causing permanent brain damage

Brian is also at risk of being remanded to NE Florida State Hospital close to Jacksonville, far away from his support system, according to Frank Blankenship, a friend of Brian. Contact Brian’s social worker to demand other options for Brian, such as those suggested above.


This is the first time you heard about the Shield Alert of Brian Henley?

Brian is young by many people’s standards, at 44, he was  living in an assisted living facility near Orlando for years, after an episode in which he tried to harm himself.  When he attempted to elope from this unhealthy living environment with the assistance of a friend, he was apprehended and taken by force  Shand’s Vista, University of Florida teaching hospital where is he has been subjected to heavy drugging and shock torture AGAINST HIS EXPRESSED CONSENT for the past three weeks. His friend Frank, thinks that they may move him to Florida State Hospital. This is why your actions today are so important!

Please demand that the hospital stop shocking Brian immediately. Please demand that he be released to a non -restrictive environment where he can heal from psychiatric harm, including all forced (court-ordered) drugging which he finds harmful and ineffective. Please demand that he receive the support he needs to live independently in his community including appropriate medical treatment for a heart condition (that may be iatrogenic; related to years of forced psychiatric drugging).


A more detailed history of Brian Henley can be found HERE

Brian activated his Shield protection about ten years ago. You can read the past Shield alert HERE

Please write to the ombudsman below and let them know that Brian Henley is being subjected by force to shock, euphemistically known as ‘ECT’ or ‘electro-convulsive therapy’ a ‘treatment’ that is extremely controversial and known to be harmful, causing permanent brain damage





Letter by Michele Diamond to Governor click HERE

Letter by Maeghan Graef to CEO of Shands hospital where Brian is being shocked click HERE


Take action today and post YOUR ACTIONS on MFI’s Shield feed Click HERE 



    • I am not sure. Michele has been keeping in touch with him and I think she posted her email on this blog if you want to check with Michele. Thanks for caring!

  1. I thought I’d post some Optimism tonight.

    My Patient Message was this:

    Hi Brian!
    I hope you’re doing well today. I hope you’ll be able to rest a bit this last weekend you are there. There should be some more down time than during the week. I hope after you’re discharged that you can start on a new and healing journey.

    Read Philippians 1:27-30
    Live as Citizens of Heaven

    And never forget this scripture:
    John 15:13
    Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

    Blessings to come my friend.

    Brian is a believer in God. So some positive scriptures for him to read is always an uplifting thing.

    • Very nice, supportive letter, Michele! Do you think it would be helpful for us to also send Brian letters of support and encouragement at this time? If so, what is the address? (It was probably in your previous updates, but I missed it)

      • Russell,

        I will ask him if it’s ok to send letters to the facility. Yes, I think it’s a great gesture and can be very warming for him to receive encouragement.

        Thank you.

  2. Hello All,
    I think this piece can be important if you are willing to send Brian a message. I think for 1, this is something that will lift his spirits but #2, no messages should be held to encourage a patient and wish him well. This can also be something that the DOH can investigate. Why were his in-house messages prevented from reaching him.

    I sent Brian a message through the “Send a Patient a message” feature. (7/12/2021 9am EST) Let him know you’re thinking about him and please give him words of hope and encouragement. I’m sure it did not reach him because of his POA told the hospital no correspondences to Brian.

    If you do decide to send him a message, please include this in the empty space provided to make sure he gets his messages. “ This goes to the East wing of the Psychiatric Hospital” to make sure its routed to the unit he is on.

  3. Today I left a message with Dawn Sherman, a Patient Advocate at Shands Health informing her of my concern about the human rights violation being inflicted upon Brian Henley. I also spoke with Peggy, administrative assistant to Edward Jimenez, CEO of the hospital, registering my concern. And I left a message for the Mental Health America ombudsman in Tampa Bay expressing my concern. I’m glad to hear that Brian will be leaving the hospital within a couple of days.

    Good work all.

  4. My update to all involved:

    Hello All,

    I received amazing news from a voicemail Brian left this afternoon at 5:15pm EST.

    He stated that he had a visit from Disabilty Rights today at the hospital and that he should be going home this Wednesday 7/14 back to the Assisted Living which is thrilling news because we all feared he’d be held to a State Hospital and never be allowed to see daylight or breathe in fresh air again.

    I am a firm believer in God and so is Brian. HE makes ways when we see none. By God’s Amazing Grace, Brian will be a free man in just 2 more days.

    It’s been an honor to come alongside Brian and do everything in my power on the other side of a locked unit and I don’t regret one action I took to help this innocent victim of Psychiatry.

    Brian Henley is an amazing young man. He is tender-hearted, “very” articulate, very smart, and holds a whole lot of knowledge and has an impressive amount of statistics on Psychiatry and the Baker Act in Florida. We are all very sorry he had to undergo the amounts of trauma he did but we are all very excited to see and hear that he’s a free man soon!

    I will send a statement out after his discharge.

    Thank you all for your recognition throughout this. It kept me going every time I wanted to give up.


    • Michele,

      I’ve been following Brian’s story. Met him in the psychiatric hospital and looked him up when I got discharged. From what I observed, he loves the outdoors and homeopathic treatment so I’m relieved to hear that he is going to an assisted living facility. Thank you for all of your help in this case and I will be checking back regularly for new updates.


      • B,
        This is great to hear that you will be following Brian’s progress.

        Thank you!

  5. I sent this email to all of the emails given for Dr. Holbert. 3 of them bounced back as undeliverable. But this is what I sent Monday evening 7/12/21:

    Dr. Holbert,

    As a fellow forcibly medicated patient, I am pleading with you to immediately STOP the forced shock treatments of your patient, Brian Henley.

    I consider myself a SURVIVOR of psychiatry, and was forcibly medicated for a period of 18 months. Although I was not shocked, the drug treatment I received turned me into a voiceless, apathetic zombie. Now, almost 2 years after my forced drugging has been stopped, I am starting to put my life back together and the misdiagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia will hopefully be a mere blip in my past at some point. However, being forced to take medications for a condition I did not have, then being rapid tapered from some of them, was traumatic to say the least. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with tapering a benzodiazepine, but I’ve finally found a psychiatrist who is not forcing me to rapid taper. Every time I was made to do so in the past, I suffered paranoia and psychosis. Which led to repeated hospital admissions, and further trauma.

    Brian Henley deserves the right to refuse shock treatment. In my opinion, it’s a barbaric procedure, and I have not found any proof that it benefits anyone. Not allowing a patient to refuse a treatment is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.

    I realize that electroshock seems to be your life’s work. I’m sure you can come up with some sort of research that might show some small benefits to a limited number of patients. But this is a moot point anyway. My objective is to get Brian a counselor, and a social worker who can help monitor Brian’s progress (or deterioration) and I have heard that his social worker has never met him, although he has been there 3 weeks. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    Brian needs someone to advocate for him, within the hospital. From what I have learned, some of his calls are being rejected by the staff, which is a clear violation of Brian’s rights. This must stop.

    Please don’t just continue unwanted treatment on Brian Henley. It is my life’s work now, to try to stop doctors from having the power to make patients accept unwanted treatments. Having been in his shoes myself, I can attest to the trauma that such matters cause on a person, in a place they don’t want to be, undergoing treatment they don’t agree with. It makes one feel powerless and depressed, and resentful of the perpetrators of such unwanted treatments. 

    These types of emotions can cause further harm to the patient and their vulnerable brain and CNS. You can’t understand it unless you have been in the same, or similar situation. I have been in that situation, and I fear for Brian’s ongoing mental health after receiving unwanted shock treatments. 

    Thanks for reading this, and I will be contacting human rights organizations on Brian’s behalf as well. What you’re doing to him will likely cause more emotional damage than you realize. 

    Kristin Pettibone Bohna

    • Amazing Kristin. I’ve been right along side you on all of your statements.

      Thank you for your efforts!

      • It’s become part of my life’s work to help people avoid forced psychiatric treatment. I was happy to find this organization, and bravo for the work that they are doing!

      • I called Morgan & Morgan Law Offices today. I told them that I would like to testify about abuses at Shands which I experienced and witnessed if it would support Brian Hensley. The person, with whom I spoke, said he would need Brian’s date of birth or contact phone number to locate his file. I do not have that information and was unable to follow thru on leaving my information with them. I am unable to find the first alert for Brian. The link from the alert update does not go there.
        I can be reached 352-509-6711
        The phone number for Morgan and Morgan is 888-670-2630

        • Thanks Shiela! I appreciate your courage coming forth as a witness. In addition to a private settlement for abuse at Shands, maybe Brian could be a part of that class action lawsuit involving shock?

        • Sheila, i will make sure Michele sees this. I think she has brian’s birthday and could help you with that. Could you PM Michele or me? My email is but I don’t feel comfortable publishing Michele’s contact information publicly but I can forward anything you send my way. I need to follow up with her to make sure that Brian got discharged today, as promised by Shands. If not, we may need to start applying pressure again.

          • Sarah,

            Were you able to give Shelia the information she needed? His contact # is the hospital #. I have this to Morgan and Morgan but they couldn’t speak with him because of the passcode.

        • Shiela

          This is the number. You ask for the East Wing but they won’t let you through. They have a passcode block on him
          (352) 265-5497

  6. Megan Short wrote the following letter to Brian’s shock doc, cc’ing every email we could find on record for Dr. Holbert, as well as the state legislators serving the districts where the doc lives. Thanks Megan!

    Dear Richard,

    I write to express my deep concern about the treatment of Brian Henley at UF Health Shands Hospital. As you know, Brian does not consent to ECT or the other current psychiatric drugs you have prescribed.

    Brian’s current non-consensual treatment regimen is detrimental to his mental health and his pre-existing heart condition, and places him under significant levels of stress. As his doctor it is your job to do no harm. Right now you are doing him harm.

    As his treating doctor, you will receive other letters objecting to Brian’s forced treatment. There is a spotlight on this case.

    I wish to draw your attention to the parallels between what you are doing to Brian and the current social movements regarding consent.

    #MeToo and Black Lives Matter should be right at the front of your mind when you are making decisions regarding life changing assault on the minds and bodies of your patients.

    As an expert, you know that psychiatry is unique in the medical field with its ability to perform mind-altering treatments without consent. Around the world, this is changing. You are not making decisions in a bubble.

    You may not be aware that psychiatric treatment without consent has been classified as torture by the UN ( Giving Brian brain-disabling medications and ECT without his consent is torture.

    You have many other less restrictive options available to you. Why give Brian ECT when you do not have to? Why prescribe high concentrations of drugs when he does not consent? Why stand on the wrong side of history?

    I hope that you change your mind and do the right thing by Brian. He does not consent to ECT. He does not deserve to have his dignity and the integrity of his brain damaged by you or anyone else. No one does.

    Yours sincerely,


  7. This letter is from Joelle Richardson from Calgary Canada. Thanks Joelle!


    Robert Holbert,

    I am writing to strongly urge you to not perform the forced electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) of Mr. Brian Henley. Not only is it a horrendous act, it is absolutely against the law and a violation of human rights.

    Consider your Hippocratic oath. Consider the damage you’re doing to an innocent man whose life you’re destroying.

    Electroconvulsive therapy “damages memory and cognition, and brings no lasting relief,” according to a recent article in Aeon by Dr. John Read, available at this link (…/why-is-electroshock-therapy-still-a…). In addition, autopsies have repeatedly shown that it causes brain damage. In fact, “[t]he idea that ECT causes brain damage was so obvious to the early proponents that they incorporated it into an explanation for how ECT worked,” Read writes. The article notes that other studies have shown that “there’s no evidence of any benefits beyond the end of the course of treatments, and no evidence that ECT prevents suicide…Furthermore, some people kill themselves because of the damage done to them by ECT.”

    ECT is rightly controversial. Its risks—permanent amnesia and permanent deficits in cognitive abilities—have been confirmed by prominent proponents of ECT, including Dr. Harold Sackeim, whose 2007 study in Neuropsychopharmacology ends on this chilling note: “[T]his study provides the first evidence in a large, prospective sample that adverse cognitive effects can persist for an extended period, and that they characterize routine treatment with ECT in community settings.” For the study,

    In 2011, when the Food and Drug Administration made one of its periodic attempts to reclassify ECT equipment from Class III (the highest risk category) to Class II—which it subsequently accomplished—psychiatrist Daniel B. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., was one of those who testified to prevent the reclassification. His testimony is available at this link: “In my expert opinion and that of a recent review of the ECT literature by Drs. John Read and Richard Bentall,” Dr. Fisher said, “the short-term gains of ECT do not justify its associated brain damage, memory loss, cognitive deficits and increased risk of death.” (The literature review is available at this link:

    In addition to the above data, I urge you to consider, as a human being, what a terrible and tortuous experience it would be, to be shocked with electricity, against your will. Imagine if Mr. Henley was a member of your own family, your own brother or son perhaps, and he was begging to not be put through such a horrifying and utterly damaging and unnecessary torment. Would you be able to look yourself in the mirror if you knew you had the power to prevent this from happening, and you chose not to act? Please, from one human being to another, I ask you to do all you can to prevent the involuntary torture of this innocent man.

    -Joelle Richardson, RSW
    Calgary, AB Canada

  8. Here is a letter posted by MFI supporter Russell Stence:

    Dr. Holbert,

    It was recently brought to my attention that you are the doctor either administering or overseeing the involuntary ECT being done to Brian Henley. I hope with all my heart and soul you will take a look at this article from a very seasoned colleague who has practiced in Australia with a wide variety of individuals, many of whom have been in the throes of some rather severe psychiatric difficulties.

    I cannot blame you for the training you’ve had as a psychiatrist, nor for the mentors who no doubt overplayed the benefits and underplayed the risks of this risky procedure that you are forcing on Mr. Henley. I believe in your heart of hearts you know that if it were anywhere near as benign as it is portrayed by its proponents, it would be a first-line treatment for things such as depression, psychosis and catatonia, rather than a desperate last resort– one which often follows a hit-or-miss process of tinkering with a person’s neurotransmitters to the point that their neurology is horribly askew.

    If you are honest, you know that no one really knows what ECT does. And if you keep yourself informed, you will know that the ECT machine manufacturers have finally had to acknowledge that it has been proven to cause brain damage.

    Please carefully consider these words of this very experienced psychiatrist, Dr. McLaren, who provides much more detail than I have contradicting the need for ECT.

    I don’t doubt that you may have seen benefits in remission of certain symptoms in patients that you’ve used it on before, or read about or heard other professionals speak of. Fine. If they were adequately apprised of the risks, and in the risk-benefit analysis agreed to go forward with it, and had what they feel are positive results, good for them!

    But this doesn’t give you or anyone the right to force someone who doesn’t want it to play Russian roulette with their brain! If the shoe were on the other foot, how would you like it, either for yourself or a loved one?

    Have you taken the time to look at the other side of this issue? To hear testimony of people who have been harmed by it, or maybe stories of their loved ones because they’re not even able to tell their story? There are many, many such stories from real people who have suffered real damage from ECT.

    My oldest daughter, in the throes of psychotic mania which was exacerbated by the drugs being forced upon her, was subjected by the doctors in charge of tremendous pressure to consent to ECT as “the only thing left to break her refractory mania”. This happened twice, in two different hospitalizations. Thankfully, she did not consent on either occasion. In one instance, her mania resolved when they removed the offending medication. In the other, it just seemed to run its course and “burn out”. Her rationality and stability was fully restored, and remains so as I write this.

    In my younger daughter’s case, on whom ECT was dubiously, dishonestly forced (as you’re doing with Brian), there has not yet been a “happy ending”. It was horribly traumatic and damaging.

    I appeal to you to observe the time-honored medical ethic:



    Russell Stence
    NYS Certified School Psychologist

  9. Here is a letter to the CEO of Shands authored by MinFreedom Shield member Judith Shalitt who gave me permission to post it.

    Subject: Brian Henley—Stop ECT

    Dear Mr Jimenez:

    As Chief Executive Officer you have the power to step in and

    • Stop illegal ECT on Mr Henley
    • Restore his phone calls
    • Assign a therapist trained in behavioral therapy, which Mr Henley requests
    • See that a social worker helps him find subsidized housing and supports.

    ECT is controversial. Even it’s strongest proponents now admit that ECT routinely causes substantial permanent memory deficits (H.A Sackheim, 2007). But it is still legal—for those who give informed consent.

    Mr Henley has repeatedly and consistently refused consent to ECT. He has pointed out that ECT is particularly dangerous to him because of his heart condition.

    Mr Henley requests cognitive behavioral therapy, a proven treatment. No chance of permanent physical damage from that.

    Please step in now and see that Mr Henley receives the high quality of care you as head of a university-affiliated teaching hospital surely want him to have. Remind your staff that high-quality care is collaborative—not coerced. And that there is no excuse for abrogating patients’ rights.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Judith Shalitt

    • I LOVE this letter Judith.

      Thank you for your involvement! I cannot believe he has not seen a Social Worker all this time. This is common practice in the hospital. I requested it in writing on Monday morning.


  10. Dear Sarah and Michele, thank you for your persistent, focused hard work. Keeping the page easy to follow helped me join in.

    I emailed Shand’s CEO Jimenez and sent copies with notes to the ombudsman ( and to Dr Holbert ( I’ll follow up with phone calls, which count even though they probably won’t answer.

    Note that doesn’t work.

    • You are welcome. Michele has done the bulk of the work. We appreciate your efforts, as well. We are a team. Go team Brian!

    • You’re welcome Judith. It is a pleasure to work earnestly for others in need.


      • Michelle,
        Can you tell us what happened between the hospital and Disability Rights?
        Has any ongoing support been provided to Brian as far transitioning to autonomous living?

        • Cindi shared that the most support she removed from a government funded organization was from Todd Holloway at the Center for Independent Living in Tacoma.

  11. I sent Brian a message through the “Send a Patient a message” feature. (7/12/2021 9am EST) Let him know you’re thinking about him and please give him words of hope and encouragement.

    Thank you! Please include this in the empty space provided to make sure he gets his messages. “ This goes to the East wing of the Psychiatric Hospital” in empty space

  12. The hospital bills for electroshock. It has no incentive to discontinue what it is doing. Why is a court order needed for Shock, or is the court order for involuntary hospitalization during which time meds and procedures can be done at the discretion of the doc, who may or may not have also an incentive of some sort?

    • I agree that the billing piece is important. Follow the money. Maybe someone could look up Dr. Holbert in the Propublica database “Dollars for Docs” and find out how much, if any, Dr. Holbert has accepted from one of the two manufacturer’s of shock devices. Assuming he followed the rules and declared his ‘gifts’ or ‘speaking fees’. Then post the finding here.

    • Dr Holbert has “incentives” because that’s what he specializes in. The Psychiatrists are telling the judge he needs 12 more shocks! And it’s been granted by the judge. The Psychiatrists and the hospital are getting paid to torture and hold him under duress. The US Courts are very unjust themselves as you can see, along with the State Appointed Guardian that forced this too.

      • Yes the financial incentives are very strong, both in the research end and the clinical practice end to keep the status quo going which could be summed up as ‘harm now and ask questions later’ Thomas Insel estimated that in his tenure as the head of the NIMH, he approved some 20 billion dollars” in neuro-biology related research for ‘mental illness’ and where has it gotten us this far? A fraction of that money could have been diverted to non-force/non-drug alternatives such as Soteria houses or peer respites or Open Dialogue.

    • Marilyn,

      I cannot imagine Medicaid paying that much for the shocks but any amount is unacceptable! I think all monies paid out should be returned to Medicaid.


  13. I wrote to the 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump as he is also a resident of Florida who can make a great impact on Brian.

    Words of Caution: ⚠️
    I welcome ZERO comments that are harmful towards Mr. Trump. I involve myself with the needy and I hear their cries for help. I welcome ZERO political messages and ZERO negative comments.

    Thank you!
    Believers in God, as you know, “anything” is possible with his power. Nothing is outside his realm of control. 🙏🏻 for Brian.
    (Mark 9:23)

      • Wooohooo Sarah! 😊😊
        🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 For Justice for Brian

    • Yes, thank you for doing this, Michelle. I wholeheartedly support your sentiment of keeping politics and all the political vitriol out of our efforts to advocate together on the behalf of our fellow human beings who are suffering this way!

      • Russell,

        There is ZERO reason to include any sort of politics in our cause, that’s why I stated it as I did. 🙂

        Sometimes, it’s the just the person we need and their possible efforts aside from all of the work they are connected to. Those efforts needed to be separated and written clear for all to understand this as well. 🙂

        Thanks for your input.

  14. Sent an email to Dr. Holbert (used ALL of the email addresses given in the alert) appealing for him to reconsider having any part in this involuntary ECT, when he should be subscribing to the time-honored medical practice of “First do no harm”. I included this link,, an article posted on the MIA blog from a seasoned psychiatrist, Niall “Jock” McLaren, who states emphatically that no psychiatrist needs to use ECT.

    • Anything can help. Thank you Dawn.
      There’s a Medicaid Fraud and abuse line also, as the US Taxpayers are paying for this ill-treatment and aren’t even aware of it.

      Thanks much.

    • I hear ya. It could happen to any of us. If one of us is not safe, none of us are not safe.

    • Understandable. Please don’t fear. Take an action if you can. If you think it’s too risky to your own health then do not.

      Praying for due Justice for you as well.

    • Know the feeling. I had experience with this facility and felt that the psychiatrists could not be appealed to or reasoned with.
      Shands is protected by its reputation for being an internationally world renowned medical institution. From the way they treated me and other patients in their psychiatric facility, I got impression that no one took complaints made about their inpatient psychiatric facility seriously and looked into them.

  15. This is the 6th (SIXTH) Contact to the Walton County MHA Ombudsman. This time I replied directly to the original test email where she tells me to send the report over. No response all this time.
    Sent 7/11/2021 @ 8:38am (EST)


    Please contact us regarding the Patient who we have sent reports and documents on who has had his rights taken from him in the hospital. He “needs” advocacy from The MHA of Walton County. We have emailed you and attempted to reach you 6 times and no response whatsoever has been made to date. This man is suffering in the hospital! The MHA is funded with government funds to protect the vulnerable and protect the Patient Rights of those being abused in the MH system.

    A rapid response would be nice. Our last correspondence was on 6/18, nearly 1 month ago.

    Thank you.

    Michele Diamond
    Patient Advocates for US Civil and Human Rights

  16. I looked up the state legislators for the address of the UF Health hospital above.

    UF Health Psychiatric Hospital

    4101 NW 89th Blvd

    Gainesville, FL 32606

    I went to the personal/government sites of them and messaged them.

    Senator Keith Perry

    Representative Charles Wesley “Chuck” Clemons, Sr.

    Representative Kat Cammack

    I also sent emails to Holbert and Jimenez.

  17. I just tried to call Brian and they wouldn’t put me through because I didn’t have the passcode even after I told them I was an attorney with the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights. They hung up when I asked them to give Brian my phone number.

      • I doubt it Sarah. Miss Ann the daytime RN did the same to me. She was a very nasty woman. She told me that she can’t do anything unless I gave her the passcode. She wouldn’t put me on the phone with her supervisor either the 2 times I asked her. I told her “You know that you are breaking the law correct?” I guess that prompted her abrupt hang up.

  18. I have just emailed Dr. Holbert. I am also going to email the Governor of Florida and Senator Keith Perry.

    • Joanna–Thank you for writing two letters for Brian! The motto of the Shield is “One for all and all for one!”

  19. Today I called the hospital where Brian is being abused, warned them that they are breaking international law by administering torture to him, and told the nurse to advise his Dr. to call me back. As “patients” of mental health, we know how abusive and downright evil these doctors and their secret “treatments” can be, which is why they ban phones and cameras from the ward. Any and all psychiatric treatment that is forced is traumatic and brain damaging. The torture must stop!

    • Ari–thanks for sending a letter to the CEO of Shands. Feel free to post a copy in this comments section. New members sometimes ask for an ‘example’

  20. Florida medical is a different animal. A threat of a writ of habeas corpus was effective on the release of a pysch patient decades ago.
    You have attorneys in your org and have you considered this action?

  21. Sent, 7/10/2021:

    Dear Florida Governor,

    Brian Henley is being electroshocked by court order at UF Shands Health Hospital. Please put an immediate end to these civil rights abuses. Psychiatry is known for its excesses and should not be above the law and the protections engendered in the Constitution for all citizens.

    Thank you,
    Larry M. Taylor, Ph.D.

  22. Today’s Action for me was of a different one then the Alert actions recommended.
    Today I faxed the Hospital Patient Safety Department/Patient Experience Department with requests for Brian to receive the following 3 hospital services while he is still there.

    1) A Hospital Chaplain for Spiritual Care
    2) A Patient Advocate to Voice his concerns with directly
    3) A Social worker for community services to set up for Brian and potential new housing in the future.

    Brian deserves to live the rest of his life Free from Institutions and Physical harm. I’m a safe and healing environment also.

    • Michele, those are really important actions to make. Spiritual and social support can be critical. Thank you for all your great advocacy work on behalf of Brian!

    • MHA of Walton County states the following under Consumer Rights. You Have the Right To:
      Be treated with dignity and respect.
      Help develop a plan of care and services, which meets your unique needs.
      Refuse any proposed treatment.
      Receive care, which does not discriminate against you and is sensitive to your gender, race, national origin, language, age, disability, and sexual orientation.
      Receive an explanation of all medications prescribed, including expected effects and possible side effects.
      Review the agency’s grievance policy.
      Lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman, or provider, if you believe that your rights have been violated or needs are not being met by services offered.
      Be free from any retaliation if you lodge a complaint.

      Please continue to address these violations with them. Thank you!

  23. MindFreedom is proud to announce that Michele Diamond has agreed to be the Volunteer Shield Campaign Manager for Brian Henley. Michele is a tireless warrior for human rights. When writing to public officials, Michele describes herself as a “Patient Advocate for U.S. Civil and Human Rights” While staying in direct contact with Brian through his ordeal of forced shock at Shands, Michele has worked tirelessly since Brian activated his alerts; her actions have started to make public officials take notice in Florida. Michele reminds us to be proud of who we are and the power of one person to make a difference. Together, we can be even more powerful Please join me in supporting Michele in pursuit of justice and emancipation for Brian Henley!

    • Thank you Sarah.
      It’s been my pleasure to help protect Patient Rights, defend their freedoms and free liberties while exposing violations and harm being done.
      I thank you again for your recognition and warm welcome. It’s been an honor and a pleasure supporting Brian through this.

      • In Monday July 12th mail drop I left a $300.00 donation to MFI earmarked Shield, and wrote a letter. I know only to well about arbitrary and nontransparent mental health inflictions., Sorry I did not write all the suggested persons and agencies.

        • Gary–I dont know what MFI would have done without your loyal support all these years! Thanks to members like you–the Shield program can help many people in the future and will continue to raise awareness about harmful treatment by force.

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