The MFI Affiliate Campaign is on! Here you will find information, links, and resources about MindFreedom Affiliate and Sponsor groups. Find out about grassroots activities. Discover how you can join in, start your own affiliate, or have your group join as a sponsor.

Get organized and give MindFreedom avoice in your area!


The problems facing human rights inmental health are worldwide. At the same time, some of the greatestopportunities to make a difference are found at home in the communities webelong to and know best. We encourage you to learn more!

Findan affiliate or sponsor group near you and get involved.

Startan affiliate and bring human rights to your community.

Becomea sponsor organization. We can make the movement stronger when our groupswork together in unity.

See our affiliate news! We invite you explore past and current activities of MindFreedomaffiliates and sponsors and become inspired.

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