Support the MFI Shield:

Stop Human Rights Abuses in Psychiatry!

We are now raising funds for our Shield Campaign. MindFreedom International’s Shield advocates for people who have been deprived of their rights by the mental health system. These are rights to make the basic choices that many of us take for granted.

With your help, MFI responds to complaints about forced treatments and violations of basic freedoms against individuals by the system.

When someone has been traumatized, is hurting emotionally, is confused about life, or feels trapped and alone, too often their options are limited. And far too often, these “options” are being confined to a psychiatric institution and/or forcibly drugged.

And in response, we have mobilized our members and supporters in support of people trying to escape forced electroshock therapy, drugging, and long-term psychiatric hospitalization. With the power of numbers we can expose human rights abuses in the mental health system, be they involuntary psychiatric procedures or people trapped in abusive guardianships.

Because we know that with the support and fully-informed knowledge of alternatives, people can overcome their difficulties. Those of us in crisis do not need to be subjected to harsh and demeaning interventions by the system or treated like prisoners by medical staff.

Due to the high volume of complaints we hear, MindFreedom International urgently needs financial aid to expand our ability to address these complaints.

MFI continues to receive an increasing amount of calls for help. Because of this, we are in need of more resources to protect people’s rights. And further, we must continue to inform the public of what is actually needed for those in crisis.

MindFreedom operates almost entirely on the donated work and time of our amazing community of psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers, and allies.

And our Shield successes have been gratifying. But our financial resources limit our capacity to respond to the many desperate requests for help that we receive daily.

Above all, the MFI Shield needs money for financing and staffing our Shield operations, which have grown to more than we can reasonably manage with what we have! For example, the Shield needs improved funds and staffing for:

  • Communication with individuals in locked facilities
  • Better and wider publication of Shield Alerts
  • Fact-checking and research
  • Searching for attorneys
  • Finding expert witnesses
  • Locating potential alternative medical providers
  • Building partnerships with other advocacy organizations
  • And more!

Donate today to help us and our amazing community of supporters defend human rights in mental health!


Click here to learn more about the Shield and how to sign up for Shield alerts.

MFI organizes people far and wide to advocate directly for psychiatric survivors and people labeled with psychiatric disabilities. MFI is one of only a few nonprofit organizations of its kind based in the USA that relies solely on individual donor gifts and membership revenues to keep our operations afloat. To remain true to our mission and values, we take no money from governments, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, or religious organizations. We are an organization by and for psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers.

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