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Shield: What It Is and Its Potential to Empower Us

By Sarah Smith | May 18, 2021

Judi’s Room – An Educational Series hosted by MindFreedom International in Collaboration with “I Love You, Lead On!” Wednesday, May 26, 2021 6:00 PM ET 5:00 CT 4:00 MT 3:00 PT Pre-registration is required In the spirit of Judi Chamberlin, our Fifth educational series offers a free, online presentation and discussion which continues the monthly…

picture of Jill Kesti with plaited hair

Help free Shield member Jill Kesti, who was taken by force from her home in Ontonogan County and driven ten hours to Grand Rapids by a sheriff where she is being forcibly drugged, deprived of her civil liberties.

By Sarah Smith | May 7, 2021

This alert originally was posted on May 7, 2021 Updated on June 29, 2021 and June 21, 2021 Please help Shield member Jill Kesti obtain immediate release from Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Facility Please call or write to the psychiatrist who is seeking to have Jill put on a long-term injectable ‘anti-psychiatric’ drug which…

Alert Update: Forced Shock Torture of Charles Helmer Suspended Due to Your Actions. Now help him move to a less restricted living situation of his own choosing: Attend his upcoming Hearing

By Sarah Smith | March 22, 2021

  Shield Alert Update for Charles Helmer Update 8/25/21 For those of you who took action on behalf of Charles helping to get his forced shock treatment to end, thank you! He is has still been living in a group home, however and he prefers to live at home with family. To help him get…

Thank You for Your Help to Protect Shield Member Adrianne Stacey from Psychiatric Abuse; Held Against Her Will at Cowichan District Hospital in British Columbia and Forcibly Drugged

By Sarah Smith | January 29, 2021

Shield Alert for Adrianne Stacey   This alert was originally posted on 1/29/2021. This alert was updated on 2/9/2021 and again on 3/12/2021 and 3/18/2021. 3/18/21 Great news! Adrianne Stacey has been discharged from Cowichan Hospital in British Columbia! Thank you to those of you who wrote letters, sent emails, and made phone calls on…

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MFI Informs National Council for Independent Living About the Need for Informed Consent and Supported Decision Making in Congregate Living Facilities. Read Full Letter HERE

By Sarah Smith | January 28, 2021

Shield and Intersectional Rights Protection An Update from the NCIL Mental Health Subcommittee  Successful comics can be particularly good at recognizing what hovers below the illusions that most of us accept as unchallenged reality. The late George Carlin exposes one of the myths that many of us accept. He riffs that it is comforting to…